BloodLust 2 Nemesis: How to Craft

This is a short list of all the available crafting material in BloodLust 2: Nemesis, and how to craft new items with them.


Crafting Materials

Empty Beer Bottle/Empty Bottle
Poison Extract
Venom Sack
Snake Scale
Gun Powder
Shell Casing
Pipe Piece
Bomb Timer
Orb Ember
Zombie Heart

Rat Eye (Red Gem)
Monkey Eye (Blue Gem)
Ghoul Eye (Green Gem)
Raven Eye (Purple Gem)

Alchemy Mixing Tables

You first need to find an Alchemy Mixing table, they can be randomly found in the Dungeon Floors.

You can also access one secret Alchemy Mixing Table in the Shop AFTER you play the video game for awhile. When you gain a short amount of points you will hear a bell sound which indicates the door to this secret room has opened.

You need a Game Token to be able to play the video game however, you can also find these randomly in the Dungeon.

You Craft by simply putting in the correct material into the table, and then click “Mix or Repair (f)”.

You can also use these tables to repair your broken gear.

Crafting Recipe

3 Gems = Diamond

Gun Powder + Shell Casing = Silver Bullets
Gun Powder + Pipe Pieces + Bomb Timer = Pipe Bomb

Poison Extract + Venom Sack + Orb Ember = Black Orb

Empty Bottle/Empty Beer Bottle + Cockroach = Health Elixir
Empty Bottle/Empty Beer Bottle + Maggot = Spiritforce
Empty Bottle/Empty Beer bottle + Poison Extract + Snake Scale = Vial De Spirit

Zombie Heart + Snake Scale + Venom Sack = Talent Stone

Vial De Spirit = Spiritforce Cannot Drain (for a short period of time)
Vial De Spirit is good to have while fighting bosses.

Black Orb:

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