Age of Wonders 4: How to Install and Use Mods (Beginners’ Guide)

A simple Guide on Installing and Using Mods for Beginners   Frequently Asked Questions Do mods disable achievements? No. While mods can change elements of the game, the counters that trigger achievements work independently. Unlike using┬ácheats[], you can play Age of Wonders 4 with mods and still earn Steam Achievements. Do mods cost extra? No. … Read more

Pawperty Damage: How to Revert to Previous Game Version

Here is a guide on how to revert to the previous version.   Important Note This manual serves as a troubleshooting guide exclusively. Consider rolling back a game to a previous version only as a last resort. Please note that it is not applicable for multiplayer functionality. To maintain compatibility with your savegames, refrain from … Read more

Age of Wonders 4: How to Prevent Mods Conflict From Auto-updating

How to prevent mod conflicts caused by Steam Workshop auto-updates   About this Guide Do you love playing the game with mods, but you have enough of recurring mod conflict messages caused by auto-updates? You just want to finish your singleplayer/multiplayer game session in peace without mod updates? Then this guide is for you! From … Read more

Age of Wonders 4: How to Solve the Pantheon Bug

A special guide for a very specific problem   What is this Guide about? I lost my level 28 Pantheon while investigating a bug. I got my level 28 Pantheon back. On the surface, it is supposed to be simple. A simple backup of your save game will do. In reality, however, the game challenges … Read more

Age of Wonders 4: Mystic Necromancers Build

A guide to create a versatile Necromancer build with Mystic faction. In this build the focus is batle mages, supports and summons there will be only summons on front line and everything else will be mages. This buid creates a toon of mana that you can use for spells and trade with other players as … Read more

Age of Wonders 4: How to Win the First Turn

Winning the game in the First Turn   Video Evidence Explanation When you surrender to a player as vassal, your game will be register as victory if your liege wins the game. By setting up the map to be small and only have 2 players, you can instant win by meeting the AI, waging war … Read more