Yakuza 3 Remastered: Kamurocho Locker Key Locations

Locations for all of the Kamurocho Coin Locker Keys.


This guide currently only contains the keys in Kamurocho, not Ryukyu. Locations for those can be found here

Many are available as soon as you are able to explore Kamurocho, although some are locked until you reach certain chapters, such as the ones in West Park.

There is only one achievement tied to the lockers themselves, and it is Key Collector, which requires you to open 10 lockers in the game. Past this point, there’s no real need to open all of the lockers aside from the fact that many contain the OP gambling items, which will help with other achievements. Those with gambling items as rewards have been labelled as such.

There are 50 keys total in Kamurocho. Three of these are found in West Park and three can be found in Purgatory.


Location Descriptions

  1. On the road right outside Club SEGA.
  2. Face the coin lockers from the road and go into first person. To the left of the white sign with a blue border is the key.
  3. In the middle of the street, directly south of Kanrai.
  4. When entering this back alley, go to the left and look up at the air conditioners in first person. GAMBLING ITEM: 1-1-1 Card.
  5. On the left of the Millennium is a small area with benches and trees, the key is up in a tree to the far left, the closest one to the building.
  6. Behind New Serena, there’s a blue vending machine. The building it is up against has the key on the corner, you have to look up in first person.
  7. Inside the Club SEGA, the key can be found on the ground. GAMBLING ITEM: Royal Joker Card.
  8. Inside the Men’s Entertainment Box, it’s in the farthest left corner.
  9. In the parking lot, head to the far right corner from the entrance. Look up in first person and you’ll see the key in the vertical pipes.
  10. The key is on the ground in the middle of the alleyway, hard to miss. GAMBLING ITEM: 1-1-1 Card.
  11. Inside the Bikini Bar, on the ground BEFORE you enter the sitting area. It’s in front of the attendant.
  12. In the Champion District, in the southwest corner. It’s on the ground near the trash.
  13. Inside the M Store, it’s on the path directly in front of the entrance, in the back of the store.
  14. In West Park, this one can be found immediately to the right when you enter.
  15. This one’s in the middle of the road in front of New Serena.
  16. In Public Park 3, this one’s underneath the left bench.
  17. On this road, there are fire escape stairs. You need to enter first person to look up and to the right of them. The key is on a lamp. GAMBLING ITEM: Even Goro’s Beads.
  18. The key is in the middle of the road, in the dead end.
  19. In front of the Volcanic Volcano building, there’s a vending machine. The key is directly in front of it.
  20. Inside the Gambling Hall, the key is near the end of the hallway inside.
  21. Inside Purgatory, the key can be found on the roof of the cage that comes immediately after the entrance to the Coliseum, on the left. You need to go into first person to spot it.
  22. Inside the pawn shop, on the ground.
  23. Inside Bantam, on the big speaker near the back. GAMBLING ITEM: Blackjack Amulet.
  24. In West Park, there are two trucks near the back. Go into first person and grab the key off the ladder of the one on the right.
  25. Inside New Serena, stop the lamp fixture near the back door. You need to enter first person to reach it.
  26. Inside Orchid Palace Mahjong, the key is on the ground in between the tables.
  27. Behind Club SEGA is the back door, and the key is in front of it. GAMBLING ITEM: Lopsided Cigarette.
  28. The key is in the middle of the alley to the west of Millennium Tower.
  29. Inside the Gambling area within Purgatory, the key can be found in an empty seat at the Poker table.
  30. Inside the Batting Center, near the back, you’ll need to enter first person to reach the key inside the vent.
  31. Inside Beam, the key is in the plant pot in the corner.
  32. In this small alleyway, you need to enter first person to find the key on top of the metal ventilation above the trash bags.
  33. The key is in front of one of the homeless tents south of West Park.
  34. Inside Stardust, the key is on the top floor in the glass case on the right side.
  35. Inside Purgatory, the key is inside the Coliseum sign-up area, in a light fixture. It’s at eye level, on the wall opposite of the counter.
  36. Inside Kyushu No. 1 Star, the key is in the very back near the orange door.
  37. Inside Cafe Alps, the key is directly to the left on the ground when you enter.
  38. The key is on the ground directly west of Theater Square. GAMBLING ITEM: Red Jewel.
  39. In the small area near the scientist in the Champion District, the key can be found when you look up at the scaffolding to his right. It’s sitting on the crossed supports.
  40. Inside Mach Bowl, the key is in the very back near the giant gold and silver decorative pins.
  41. Inside the Poppo, on the ground near the entrance. It’s visible when you walk in.
  42. In the alley north of the Poppo here, when entering from the west entrance, look at the left wall. The key is on the conduits above two blue trash bins, you need to be in first person to see it.
  43. Inside Kotobuki Drugs, it’s on the left shelf. Kind of hard to see, just run up to it.
  44. The key is in the parking lot, on the ground.
  45. In the Children’s Park, the key is in the tree in between the bench and restroom, you need to enter first person to get it.
  46. This key is a tree topper atop one of the Christmas trees just north of Millennium Tower.
  47. In the northeast corner of the Champion District, there is a building with a wooden door that faces the corner. Go into first person and look at the gray awning to the right of it.
  48. In West Park, head behind the entrance to purgatory and go into first person to get the key off the concrete roof.
  49. Just south of NY Hotdog, or to the right of it if you’re facing it. There are two columns framing the stairway down, and the key is atop the leftmost column, you need first person to get it.
  50. There is an electric pole to the right of the sign for Hotel Volescia. Enter first person and you’ll see the key wedged in the little crack where the light fixture comes off the pole.

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