Genomon: Getting Started Guide

This guide gives you an overview of the gameplay and is a useful place in case you get stuck at a particular gameplay mechanic.



Genomon is a laboratory building, monster making and battling sandbox game. The goal is to reunite the Breakthrough Science Committee by traveling throughout the Witherworld Islands, battling Genomon and impressing the Rival Genetic Engineers on each Island.

Completing Jobs
Getting a Job

You can talk to NPCs on the Island to get a job. Completing Jobs will unlock new research Items, Unlock Battle Expeditions and even earn you cash!

Tracking a Job

You can see what your current Job is by checking out the upper right hand corner of the HUD for the JOB summary widget.

You can also open the Quest Log by pressing the associated input in the HUD’s Input Shortcut Widget.

The Quest Log will give you more information about what is required to complete the current Job.

Once you have completed the requirements talk to the required NPC and the Job will be complete.

Research Terminal

Find the research terminal to begin researching. You will need to complete research to unlock devices, decorations or architecture. Once researching is complete, these items will be added to your build menu.

Research Menu

Interacting with the Research Terminal with open the Research Menu. Only unlocked items can be researched and only 1 item can be researched at a time. You can mouse over or highlight on a controller to see details about the research and what the requirements are.

Obtaining Embryos
Shop Terminal

You can purchase embryos by locating the Shop Terminal and interacting with it. The shop is available after completing Irene’s Fetch 3 Rat’s Job.

Making Genomon
Extracting DNA

To make a Genomon first you need DNA, you can get DNA by attaching animals to a DNA Extractor and activating it. The DNA Extractor only accepts animals. You can get animals by catching them around the island or winning them in expedition battles from the helicopter.

Splicing DNA and Embryos

After you have your DNA you must splice them with embryos using the DNA Splicer. You can splice 1 DNA at a time with an embryo.

To splice multiple DNA in a single embryo you can splice 1 at a time. For example splice Rat DNA with an Embryo to create a Man Rat Embryo, then splice spider DNA with the Man Rat Embryo to create a Man Rat Spider Embryo. There is no limit to how much DNA you can splice with an embryo.

Incubating Genomon

To incubate a Genomon, equip an embryo that you previously spliced with DNA, and approach the Genomon Incubator. Point at the incubator and follow the HUD prompts to attach it. Once attached, activate the Genomon Incubator.

Battling Genomon

Once you have incubated a Genomon you can now battle them using the helicopter. Approach the Helicopter and interact with it to go on a Battle Expedition.

With every battle your Genomon will grow stronger and you will earn loot such as genetic traits and new animals.

Expedition Menu

From the expedition menu you can select a Sector to battle. The requirements for each sector are listed when selecting one with a controller or mousing over the yellow sector icon. Click on a location and then choose your Genomon you would like to battle.

Battles have limited slots. Click on a Genomon in your list to add it to an empty battle slot. Press the battle input or battle button once you have a Genomon in your battle slot to begin a battle!

Healing Genomon
Genomon Lab

For every battle a Genomon fights, they loose 1 energy. If Genomons have no energy they cannot battle. If a Genomon is defeated, they loose all their energy and need to be healed. To heal Genomon you must have a Genomon Lab installed in your laboratory. You can unlock this for the build menu by researching the necessary research from the research terminal.

Approach the Genomon lab and interact with it to open the Genomon Lab Menu.

From this menu press the heal button or heal input on the controller to Heal your Genomon and get them back into battle.

Making Money
Selling Items

You can make money by selling items at the Shop terminal. Open the shop terminal and navigate to the sell page to sell inventory items.

NOTE: DNA is worth more then the animal it’s extracted from.

Catching Animals

There should always be a few animals around the island to catch and harvest for profit if you end up broke.

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