Yakuza 3 Remastered: How to Fix Poor Controls (Aim Guide)

Easy method to correct the pool controls without any additional software and a tip to align your shots easily.



The pool minigame has a severe issue when taking shots, the horizontal sensitivity on the right joystick is extremely unforgiving, making the shots that should be straight go all over the place. To fix this, we’ll use Steam’s built in controller settings and remove the horizontal movement from the right stick when playing the minigame.

I show how to do this with a Xbox One controller, but it can be done with any controller Steam officially supports (dualshocks, Xbox 360, even switch controllers).

After, I’ll show a aiming tip we can use in any Yakuza pool minigame: the mighty ruler.

Fixing the Controls

Easy steps:

1 – Open Steam in Big Picture mode;
2 – Launch the game;
3 – Press SHIFT + TAB to open steam overlay;
4 – Select “Controller Configuration”:

5 – Select the “Joystick Move” square:

6 – On the “Output Axis” dropdown, select “Vertical Only”:

7 – Click “back”, then “done” and go back to the game.
8 – That’s it, all your shots will line up perfectly.

Don’t forget to go back in the controller options and reset the changes after you’re done.

Aiming Your Shots Easily

What you wanna do here is grab a ruler or a piece of paper. Anything straight.

When aiming, press Y (or triangle) to get the view from above. The secret to aiming is making a line connecting the edge of the target ball with the edge of the cue ball and the hole. Like this:

You’ll wanna use the dpad to make slight adjustments so that the edges of both balls and the hole make a straight line.

Just use your ruler or paper against the screen and slightly adjust the cue ball until everything is lined up. Then press A (or X) and make the shot. If you did the controller fix above, your shot will go perfectly straight and in the hole.

Another example:

You can use this aiming trick in any Yakuza. Hope this helps! 🙂

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