Two Hour Escape Mystery: A Puzzling Voyage – Full Walkthrough

Here is a complete walkthrough for the game.




Order the paintings as follows: Cups – Chest | Wheel – Ship | Chain – Anchor | Compass – Spyglass

Dinner Room
  • Go to the bookshelfs, and below each books, write the following words: DOLPHIN, PARROT and TURTLE.
  • Examine the ships and arrange them as follows: back | front | right || left | front | left
  • Return to the museum and collect the coin where the pirate was. 🏆The Golden Coin
  • Consume all the food items in the dinner room. 🏆 One Hungry Sailor
First Mate
  • Head to the back part of the bookshelf, solve the chest’s puzzle in the left wall.
  • Retrieve the key, unlock one of the left shelf and solve the puzzle:
  • Collect the key located under the paper.
Alfred door

Search for the following wooden items in the game:

  1. Museum -> parrot
  2. Chess -> Turtle
  3. Turtle bookshelf -> lantern
  4. Hanger -> Hat
  5. First Mate dump -> Dolphin
  6. First left drawer on First Mate -> Anchor
  7. Big ship in dinner room -> Bottle
  8. Treasure -> Inside Alfred door
  9. Padlock -> Inside Alfred door
  • In the Alfred room, place each item in the frame as follows:
  • Proceed to the water puzzle and set it to 40 on the right and 60 on the left.
  • Take the key from the parrot, go to the First Mate room, and open the fourth right drawer.
  • Retrieve the note, place it in front of the fireplace.
  • Read the note, return to the First Mate room, and input 349261 on the lock.
  • Take the key and go to the Astronomy room.
Astronomy door
  • Utilize the middle wheel and peer through the telescope.
  • Enter the code 837768 on the lock.
  • Return to the Dinner room, use the ship cannons in the order 214653.
  • Pull the left rope twice. 🏆Flying Dutchman
Treasure room
  • Go back to the astronomy room and open the door.
  • Input the following combination: left, right, left, left, right, right
  • Use the button on the diamond pillar.
  • Return to the astronomy room and interact with the pirate.
  • Go to the First Mate room, take the wooden piece from the bottom-left drawer.
  • Return to the treasure room, place the wooden piece on the button.
  • Head to the astronomy room and hide behind the barrels.
  • Finally, return to Museum room. 🏆On to the Next! 🏆Genius or Time Traveler?

Thanks to NealS for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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