Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Boon Marrabbio

This guide will go over the instructions on how to unlock Boon Marrabbio.


Unlocking Boon Marrabbio

1. Load up the map “Mad Forest” and go northwest until you come across the “Skull O’Maniac” item and pick it up.

2. Later on in the level after getting the skull, pies should start to spawn on the ground as health pickups similar to chicken. Start grabbing these and continue grabbing them until a shadowy figure spawns. This monster will have a lot of HP reminiscent of other Boss characters so it will take some damage to take down.

3. After defeating the shadowy figure, you will hear a noise. Those of you who have gotten other secret characters will be familiar with it.

4. That is all! Enjoy unlocking and playing with Boon Marrabbio!


This is all just speculation, but I believe this secret character may be a reference to Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat as this character is a shadowy version of another character(Gennaro) and in the savedata files the boss is listed as “BOSS_NOOB”. This wouldn’t be too far-fetched IMO, as Toasty is already a secret character and also a reference to the MK series.

Thanks to Matikz for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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