Vampire Survivors: Frozen Projectiles with Boon Marrabbio

The recent update brought a new character that, with the right setup, is able to make projectiles sit completely still.


Unlocking Boon
In order to unlock Boon you must play in Mad Forest and collect the Skull ‘O Matic then wait till you hit minute 24. Once you do that pies will start showing up. Collect those pies till you find a shadowy enemy shooting projectiles at you. Once the enemy is defeated Boon will be unlocked.

The setup is pretty simple. All you need is enough gold to invest one point into projectile speed in the power-up menu. Putting one point into that will drop your projectile speed to -100% as Boon naturally has -110% projectile speed. If you keep his projectile speed at -110% they’ll just fire really slowly. Keep in mind any other projectile speed-increasing items and effects will ruin this as the speed will no longer be at -100%.

Frozen projectiles can be used in order to make a sort of force field around yourself. Due to the fact that Boon starts off with evolved Knife he’s able to just stand still and make a bubble of knives that’ll protect him for most of the early game. The projectile speed nerf doesn’t affect certain weapons such as Lightning Ring and Santa Water so you still have options in terms of usable weapons.

If you want to build center around just standing still here are some item recommendations.

  • Garlic for supplemental damage
  • Clock Lancet for the freeze
  • Laurel to prevent any damage that might occur
  • Attractorb to get more orbs
  • Pummarola for regenning any damage you take
  • Candelabrador for more projectile size
  • Spinach for damage
  • Duplicator for more projectiles
  • Tiragisu in case you happen to die
  • Crown for faster level ups
  • Whip as it’s not affected by projectile speed
  • Empty tome for the reduction in cooldown


  • Evolved weapons aren’t included because getting a chest would be very difficult
  • Arcanas aren’t included because I haven’t unlocked them yet

Thanks to niol for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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