Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Gains Boros (New Secret Character)

This is how to unlock the new charakter Gains Boros (Secret Dragon Shrimp Character).

Note: The latest update patch 0.8.0 is now out.


How to Unlock Gains Boros (Method 1 credit to Sibeck)

1. Choose any character and go to the bone zone
2. Run upwards past the Silver Ring
3. Search for the flower ring
4. Stay in the flower ring and wait for it to disappear (you will hear an unlocking sound)
5. You can now quit. You will find the Character in your selection screen
This is what the flower ring looks like
In my case it was here on the map (might vary in your game)

How to Unlock Gains Boros (Method 2 credit to Ronnie James Dio)

In order to unlock Gains Boros all you have to do is to choose the The Bone Zone level and go straight up don’t stop when you reach the Silver Ring, continue going up until you reach a green circle with flowers in it, which heals the character by 8 quite rapidly. After you find the green circle you have to stay in it for about 30 seconds, a jingle is played and the green circle will disappear. After that Gains Boros will appear at the Character Selection Menu costing 666 gold coins which also scales with other characters purchased.

Video Guide

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