Unturned: Arid 2.0 All Key Locations

Guide including all obtainable keys and their corresponding unlocks on the Arid map.   SOVIET KEYS ORDER———————————- AG-17 Key The AG-17 key is located inside a small building in the south-western part of Kahramaan Airfield. It’s on top of a table, behind a sealed metal door, which requires a Rescue Saw or Explosives (such as … Read more

Unturned: UDarkRP Vehicles ID List

ID list for the mod UDarkRP Vehicles Notes This is not official and was made by flashcraft66 (zpet) If you would like this done to any mod to see hidden ids or it just doesn’t have a list leave a comment on my profile with the mod url GAU Box – 13600 (for weaponized vehicles) Civilian … Read more

Unturned: All ID’s for Update

All IDS for unturned currently up to date.   Commands /give <NUMBER ID> – Give item /give 363 /vehicle <NUMBER ID> – Spawns vehicle /vehicle 81 /weather storm – Sets weather to storms/rain. /day – Sets to daytime. /night – Sets to nighttime. /experience <Number> – Give`s EXP /experience 10000 /time <number> – Setting particular … Read more

Unturned: “MK.II” Achievement Guide

In this guide, i’ll tell you how to complete that achievement. How to Get “MK.II” Achievement Step one Complete all the quests needed for the achievement (all the boring horde beacon stuff). Step two Pirate bones Cursed Pirate Skull is located at bottom level of Liberator, nearby scientists. Pick it up by clicking F. Pirate Parts … Read more

Unturned: Vanilla Item IDs

A list of every vanilla item ID. Generated by a program.   Part 1 2 Jeans_Work.dat 3 Hoodie_Orange.dat 4 Eaglefire.dat 5 Eaglefire_Iron_Sights.dat 6 Military_30.dat 7 Military_Suppressor.dat 8 Vertical_Grip.dat 9 Daypack_Red.dat 10 Vest_Police.dat 11 Bandana_Red.dat 13 Canned_Beans.dat 14 Bottled_Water.dat 15 Medkit.dat 16 Axe_Camp.dat 17 Military_100.dat 18 Timberwolf.dat 19 Timberwolf_Iron_Sights.dat 20 Timberwolf_6.dat 21 8x_Scope.dat 22 Red_Cross_Scope.dat 23 … Read more