Unturned: ‘Welcome to A6 Polaris’ Achievement Guide

Little guide to get this map’s achievements in no time



Before you start following the guide, please take into account this guide was made to get the achievements in the easiest way, so you’ll have to use some console commands.


Use the /teleport safezone command and find this NPC, should be easy to spot:

Talk to him until he moves away, then use the following commands:

/flag 36029/1

/flag 36552/1
/flag 36382/1

/flag 36554/1
/flag 36386/1

/flag 36555/1

After that, find again the NPC, just walk forward and you’ll see him in the left dock.

Talk to him always using the first option, accept the Expedition IV quest and then ask him to take you the place. Once there, solve the puzzle:

Now enter the door and then enter the tank, see the cinematics and shoot when the game tells you to. Once you shoot the helicopter, you should unlock the final achievement

Thanks to Cyanideh and Sunflower for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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