Unturned Servers QualifiedQuokka Chat Commands

Description of the commands available on QualifiedQuokka Unturned servers


General Commands

/discord – Display an in-game invite to the Discord
/report [player] [reason] – Report a player in game for breaking the rules. The report will be sent to mods in Discord
/link – Link your in-game account with Discord for the Verified role and other perks

Voting: (note: Not all servers allow voting/rewards)
/vote – Provides a link in game to the server page where you can vote
/reward – After voting, this command will give you the reward in game

Player Stats

/stats [player] – Display the stats of the player (server specific stats)
/rank [player] – Display the rank of the player (server specific rank)
/ranking – Display the top ranking players on the server
/display – Enable/Disable being displayed in server ranking/stats

Vaults (available on select servers)

/vaults – List the vaults available to you
/vault [vaultName] – Opens the specified vault
/vaultset [vaultName] – Sets the default vault (opened with /vault) to vaultName

Virtual Garage (available on select servers)

/garages ⇒ /gg ⇒ List available garage slots and their contents
/garageadd <vehicleName> ⇒ /gadd /ga ⇒ Adds a player locked vehicle into their virtual garage with the name “vehicleName”
/garageretrieve <vehicleName> ⇒ /gret /gr ⇒ Retrieve the selected vehicle from their virtual garage (partial names supported)


/ban [reason] [duration] – Bans specified player for duration with reason.
/unban [player/steamid] – Unbans a player, with optional reason
/bans [player/steamID] – Displays a list of bans, active and expired
/kick [reason] – Kicks specified player for reason.
/warn [reason] – Warns specified player for reason.
/warns [Player] – Shows a player’s previous warns
/checkowner – Checks the owner of barricade/structure/locked vehicle, including object ID, and who claimed a bed
/checkowner Copy – Same as normal checkowner, however allows you to quickly copy the player’s ID, or to open their steam profile
/playerinfo <player/steamID> – Displays player name, country, ISP, region, Play Time, and time since first join

Thanks to MillionthOdin16 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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