Eternal Dread 3: All Outfits Guide

Want to get all outfits in game? Then have a look!


outfits/armors list

Armors of the same type with different colors count as one.

outfits/armors list:

  1. Warrior Armor
  2. Ranger Armor
  3. Mage Armor
  4. Winged Armor
  5. Falcon Armor
  6. Guardian Armor
  7. Sage Armor
  8. Leather Armor
  9. Battle Armor
  10. Angel Paradise Uniform
  11. Gladiator Armor
  12. Elite Warrior Armor
  13. Noble Armor
  14. NuKnight Armor
  15. Nakka Outfit
  16. Dark Hunter Outfit



How to get them

You can get No.1~8 at the begin of the game. Zombies or other human-like monsters may drop them.

Blacksmith can craft No.9, No.11~13. And you can find them in chests.

Kill the specific zombie to get No.10. You can only find her in Scorched Canyon.

Defeat Grarok’s Remnants to get No.14. You need to complete the entire story first. But I get this one through modifying saved files. In addition, this should be the most common and “safe” armor in the game.
And how to find him?

From 100% Achievement Guide :
Location: The Lost Citadel’s Temple, The Dark Fortress, where you first killed Grarok.

Defeat Nakka to get No.15.

Defeat Dark Hunter to get No.16.

Thanks to 橘子 for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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