Undertale: How to Get Debug

Here is a 10 step tutorial on how to get undertales debug


How to Get Undertales Debug?
1. Make sure you have undertale installed ( making a desktop shortcut will also help)
2. Find where undertale is installed
3. Go to this wedsite and download the latest version https://github.com/krzys-h/UndertaleModTool/releases
4. Find the data.win file in the undetale folder
5. find where you have the UndertaleModtool instlated and put it on your desktop
6. Drag the data.win flie to the UndertaleModtool.exe
7. after its done loading in the top left got to scripts than run built in scrips and enabledebug and click on it
8. say yes to the pop up ( no to disable the script)
9. than go to flies, save, than replace it with the data.win file
10. Done here is a link to the debug tools https://tcrf.net/Undertale/Debug_Mode#Keyboard_Shortcuts
Credit to sboerner

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