My Singing Monsters: Basics About Likes and Happiness

A description about what happiness does in this game, how to raise happiness by using items that monsters like, and a link to the wiki page that has a comprehensive list of what each monster likes.
Introduction and Purpose of This
I played this game for a while when I had the mobile phone version. Getting back into it after a long break, now it’s available on Steam. Starting out I find it annoying that I have to keep clicking each monster’s info tab to see their list of “likes” in order to design a map that is ideal for their happiness. So I started compiling a list of all their likes. Then I found out that somebody else already did it, and it looks MUCH more “professional” and complete than anything I could have made myself. So down at the bottom of this guide (after a brief discussion of how the “Like” system works) I will just provide the link for you to go visit that website instead of putting in hundreds of hours to make my own list.

I know, this is a crappy “guide” since it’s basically just a web link, but I’m not going to spend all my time compiling a list of what the different monsters like to stand nearby if these people have already done such an excellent job of it. They include all regular monsters, seasonal special monsters, ethereal monsters, the entire Shugafam, Wubbox, all the Werdos, all the Dipsters, Yawstrich, G’joob, and all their rare and epic variants.

Basics about likes and happiness
A monster starts out at 0% happiness, indicated by the bar that turns PINK as you fill it up. It goes up in increments of 25% by placing a monster near an item that it likes. If a monster likes an item and gains happiness, you will see pink hearts fly out of it. If you move it away from an item that it likes, you will see angry clouds fly out of the monster and its happiness will go down.

Happiness is an interesting feature of this game. It raises the rate at which a monster earns gold by the happiness percentage. At 0% happy, the monster gains the normal gold per minute. At 100% happy the monster gains DOUBLE the normal gold per minute. At 50% happy, the monster gains 1.5 times the normal gold per minute. However, the monster’s maximum gold bank is NOT increased by happiness. This means that it earns gold faster but you have to collect it faster or else the monster will hit that cap and stop earning. So for instance if a monster would normally fill their bank in an hour, then with 100% happy (double the gold gain rate) you have to login and collect that gold every half hour instead of every hour, for maximum effectiveness. At full bank, you still get THE SAME maximum amount of gold, it just fills up in half the time. this is useless for monsters that fill up in just a few minutes (assuming you have a life outside of this game) but could be quite useful for the higher-level monsters who have large banks and take a few hours to fill up.

Normally, to raise a monster’s happiness level you have to put it RIGHT BESIDE things it likes. These could be other monsters, or they could be decorations. Each monster’s “Information” menu has a “Likes” tab where you can check THREE of the things it likes; the fourth is shown as a “?” and you’re expected to figure the last one out on your own. However, the link below provides an excellent list so you don’t have to guess to get your happiness level to 100%. Each liked item raises happiness by 25% so you need FOUR liked items to raise it all the way. You cannot raise happiness past 100% even if you use five different liked items, it is capped at 100%. If you sell an item that a monster currently likes, it loses that happiness effect. If you put an item that a monster likes away into storage or a hotel, it loses that happiness effect but at least you can pull the item out again later if you want it back.

It is important to note that for purposes of raising a monster’s “like” percentage, ANY identical decorations only count ONCE per monster – so if you put down two fire bushes, for example, the combined effect only raises happiness by 25%, they will NOT combine effects to give 50%. Also, for “like” purposes all regular monsters are counted the same as their RARE variety, and placing both a normal and rare will only raise happiness once by 25% they won’t combine for 50%. The EPIC varieties are considered to be completely different, and will NOT add any happiness to other monsters.

Also note that if you purchase the decoration item “Unity Tree” which unlocks once you reach XP level 16, then you can put your decorations and other monsters ANYWHERE on the map (even in storage or hotel) and they will add happiness to any monster(s) who like them automatically even without being right next to them. Yep, even items that you put away will add happiness. But if you sell an item then any monsters who depend on it will lose that happiness.

Link to Wiki Likes Website
And if you really want to look up a table of what each monster likes, here is the link.

My Singing Monsters wiki “Likes” page CLICK HERE[]

Generally speaking, this wiki is PRETTY DARN GOOD and chock full of information about this game. Most of it is derived from the mobile phone version, but still a good source of answers to any additional questions you might have about this game, so feel free to explore some of the other pages on this wiki site.

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