Undertale: How to Fix Game Cannot Save Issue

I once had a problem where I couldn’t save but I fixed it let me show you how to do the same


How to save
UNDERTALE is an RPG with manual saving to save you can use the yellow star but there is a chance that it might say EMPTY even after pressing SAVE read below to fix that

Causes of this problem
One cause of this problem is if you reset your computer in the past there might be others but that’s the only one I’m aware of

How to fix problem
1. Press Windows + R and type %appdata%
2. Exit out of roaming
3. Enter Local
4. Try to enter UNDERTALE
5. Provide administrator access
6. Use the security tab
7. Make sure that SYSTEM, (Your name here), and Administrators have every permission except special permissions
8. Open UNDERTALE and delete everything
You should end up in Chara’s void if you didn’t don’t read below and just continue with your day if you did keep reading

How to get out of Chara’s void
Just wait 3-10 minutes then Chara will begin talking and give you an offer say yes then it will say the offer is your soul say yes again the game will crash now lets say you don’t want Chara to have your soul? Keep reading

How to get your soul back
1. Go back to %appdata%
2. Exit roaming
3.Go to Local
5. Delete everything once again
Now there’s a chance it might not work so just to be safe do the following steps
6. Go to Program Files (x86)
7. Go to Steam
8. Go to userdata
9. Go to 391540
10. Delete everything in the file

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