Town of Salem 2: Vigilante Role Guide & How to Master

wide range of topics, from understanding the intricacies of the role and picking your targets wisely to managing consequences of your actions and successfully deceiving others if you’re an evil role pretending to be a Vigilante. By implementing the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you will increase your chances of leading your town … Read more

Town of Salem 2: Veteran Role Guide & How to Master

Unleash the power of the Veteran and learn to perfectly time your Alerts to keep the town safe. This comprehensive guide takes you through a detailed exploration of the Veteran role, offering essential strategies, a logbook template, and advice on impersonating the Veteran. Armed with this guide, you can skillfully turn the tides in your … Read more

Town of Salem 2: A Comprehensive Guide to Coroner

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed analysis and strategic playbook for the Coroner role, one of the latest additions to the Town of Salem’s Town Investigative roles. This role can be particularly challenging to play effectively due to its slow and restrictive Autopsy mechanic, making it a unique pick in the game. The guide begins … Read more