The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: How to escape The Adventure Line

Learn one of, if not the most important skill of The Stanley Parable.


Escaping The Adventure Line™

This will likely be the most important guide you will find about this game.
We have all at one point or another wanted to get away from this cursed Line™. From spoiling the ending for us, or just by being yellow. We all have reasons for hating it.

This guide will teach you how to fight back against the menace that is The Line™.

Please take out your notebooks and study well, for this information will save your life.

Step 1

Equip Buket

Step 2

Take the right door

Step 3

Go down the maintenance shaft
(This will help us later)

Step 4

Get to this point in the ending.

step 5

Climb onto these boxes using the chair on the right.
You may have to wiggle a little bit, but it should be with little effort.

step 5.2: The next one

Once on the boxes you can clip on the railing and off of the platform

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