The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: All Endings Guide (The New Content Ending Included)

A list of how to achieve all the endings (including the new ones) Spoilers Alert!!!

Don’t look at this until you’ve found as many endings as you can. This is for your own good. Do it for the bucket…

Note: This guide was created by Mediocre Meerkat. more content will be added later.


Original Endings

The End

Follow the narrator’s instructions exactly, escape the facility, and see some trees

  1. Exit Stanley’s Office
  2. Take the door on your left
  3. Follow the stairs up
  4. Enter the boss’s office
  5. Type 2845 into the keypad
  6. Go down the elevator
  7. Enter the Mind Control Facility
  8. When you reach the control panel, turn off the scary mind control device (save your world-dominating fantasies for a different ending)

Safe and Sound

Stay in Stanley’s office, protecting him from the existential horrors that await

  1. Just like… close the door and sit there. Simple as that
Out of Bounds

Break out of the map. Oh wait… the developers expected me to do that

  1. Go to Employee No. 434’s desk (see screenshot below)
  2. Wiggle your way onto the chair then onto the desk
  3. Get onto 433’s desk (the one right next to 434’s)
  4. Jump out the window and into the void
  5. Have fun being sung to by the narrator’s bard D&D character

Ultra Deluxe Endings

[Ultra Deluxe] The New Content™ Endings

I’m waiting to make sure I’ve actually found everything in this ending before I write it up.

Weird Qualifications (Finish main run + check the “played Stanley Parable” button at the beginning) > New Content door > Jump Room > Get reset > New Office Layout (w/ vent) > Memory Place > Skip Button > Reset Again > New New Content Sign > Stanley Parable 2 Office > New Game Features > New Stuff Demo > Cut to New Title Screen > Begin Again > Collect the Stigley-wiglies > Manual Restart/Complete Current Ending > Narrator brings you back to the Memory Zone > Collect the Mini-stans in order that you found them originally? > pink room > warehouse > ♥♥♥♥♥♥ video > Final figurine > TV room > reset… but actually not > Do the collecting backwards > Jump Circle > 2 Doors > Stanley’s Office > Narrator Existential Crisis > reset

Stanlurine Locations:

A list of hints to their locations can sometimes be found in the conference room.

  1. New Features Showcase area
  2. Across wooden-plank bridge in cargo lift area
  3. Underneath the stairs to the boss’s office
  4. In the room with the red/blue door (don’t bring the bucket)
  5. Behind secret wall in the boss’s office across from the elevator to the mind control facility
  6. Executive Bathroom
Fun Bucket Things:

Click Door 430 5 times achievement mentions bucket if you’re holding bucket
The Broom Closet wants the bucket + Stickers!
Bucket cushions fall if you get over the railing in the Monitor Room

Pretty much every dialogue and ending is changed if you have the bucket. Is everyone over at Crows, Crows, Crows okay right now… No wonder it took so long to finish this. They had to perfect the bucket-based storytelling.

[Ultra Deluxe] Stanley, the Literary Genius

Go up and down in the elevator down to the mind control facility

Short Endings

The Hole

Just keep falling down the hole man

For all of the following, you need to have played through the New Content ending to get the bucket in the offices

Happy Bucket; Happy Life

First. Get the bucket from the second room of offices. Then, follow the narrator’s instructions until you get to the Mind Control Facility’s monitor room. On the first platform inside (the one with the light bulb button) you can get on top of the desk and then get over the railing.

The Bucket Tapes

Go to the cargo room then up the wooden plank ramp, drop down onto the plank path below, and go through the vents. You’ll emerge in a storage room with tapes. Activate the tape player on the table to get the ending.

Is This… A Bucket?

Bring the bucket to the cargo room. Take the cargo lift and then fall off the lift onto the walkway (as if going towards the red and blue door. The narrator will stop you because “No Buckets Allowed” (kinda rude if you ask me). You’ll then play the wonderful game show and watch the confusion ensue.

Stanley’s Imaginary Friend

Bring the bucket with you.
Go to the telephone by riding the cargo lift.
Enter into an abusive relationship with the bucket

Stanley’s Intervention

Get the bucket
Take the door on the right
Go left to the maintenance hallway
Take the elevator down
Adventure Line 2.0
Don’t destroy the bucket because buckets before narrators am I right fellas…?

Thanks to Mediocre Meerkat for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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