Haiku the Robot: All Achievements, Collectibles, and Hidden Spots

A reference with pictures for all the collectibles, (most) hidden areas, and achievements to get in Haiku!


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Here, I wanted to put some notes before we begin the guide.

Haiku isn’t a very linear game, as there’s lots of different ways for players to explore map in different orders. Therefore, this guide should be seen more as a reference guide rather than a step-by-step walkthrough. The contents of this guide aren’t listed chronologically as you might encounter them. Instead, the contents are first divided roughly by type of collectible or content, and then subdivided by the section of the map you would encounter the collectible in.

Gut-Wrenching Decision

The very first item you’re likely to encounter is the Adjustable Wrench power-up. The achievement No Manual Repairs requires you to beat the game without this power-up. While it’s possible to get 100% of the achievements in a single-run, the game is definitely a bit more challenging without the ability to heal yourself. Before you begin the game, you should decide if you want to go for the No Manual Repairs achievement on the first run, or separately as second run.

If you do decide to go for No Manual Repairs in 1-run, remember to never pick-up or buy the Adjustable Wrench!

Story and Unmissable Achievements

There are some achievements that you should naturally unlock from regular playing:

  • For Safekeeping
  • Two Minutes to Midnight
  • Poetic Justice: you’ll naturally kill more than 575 enemies
  • Beep – Bop: you’ll naturally run into 100 drops of water
  • Electron: mandatory boss fight
  • Proton: mandatory boss fight
  • Neutron: mandatory boss fight
  • Symptom: mandatory boss fight
  • Balancing Act: story achievement
  • Balanced: mandatory boss fight

With that out the way, let’s get ready to wake up in Arcadia!

Chips & Sockets

For easier reference, Chips will be labeled via this table:

Row A
  • A1: Sold by Sonnet
  • A2:
  • A3:
  • A4:
  • A5: Sold by Sonnet
  • A6:
  • A7:
Row B
  • B1: hard to miss (see B5 image below)
  • B2: Sold by Sonnet
  • B3: Reward by Quatern after finding 14 Power Cells
  • B4: Sold by Sonnet
  • B5:
  • B6: Sold by Echo
  • B7:
Row C
  • C1: Sold by Echo
  • C2: Sold by Reaper
  • C3: In Catacombs behind hidden wall; requires both Red and Green skulls (see C6 image below)
  • C4:
  • C5: Reward for defeating Battery Boss
  • C6:
  • C7:
Row D
  • D1: Sold by Echo
  • D2:
  • D3: Reward for side-quest in Steam Town; getting this Chip also gets you the Save the Children Achievement
  • D4: Sold by Reaper
  • D5:
  • D6: Sold by Sonnet
  • D7: Sold by Sonnet

Getting all these chips will also get you the following Achievements:

  • Computer Chip: 1st Chip
  • Enhanced System: 14 Chips
  • Upgrades, People – Upgrades: all 28 Chips
Chip Sockets

Aside from the Chips themselves, there are 3 Chip Sockets you can collect.

Blazing Furnace:

Forgotten Ruins:

Water Ducts:

Power Cells

Despite fewer appearing in Quatern’s machine, there are 24 total Power Cells to collect. Quatern gives you scrap metal for each cell you collect, as well as 2 Fragments (after the 7th and 17th Cell) and the B3 computer chip (after the 14th Cell).

Central Core

Easy to get.

You’ll naturally get this one on your way to open a gate.

Even though this Power Cell is in Central Core, you’ll most likely get this by going through Pinion’s Expanse (after fixing the Clock there). Limerick is just a tiny bit further to the left!

Requires both the Hookshot and the Double Jump powerups.

Factory Facility

Easy to get. Tunnel becomes accessible after you fix the Clock in Pinion’s Expanse.

Easy to get.

Easy to get.

Reward for beating the Bird boss. The room before the boss fight requires the Hookshot to get past some hazards.

Requires the Hookshot.

Incinerator Burner

Easy to get.

Requires either the Hookshop or the Double Jump.

Pinion’s Expanse & Sunken Wastes

Jump down into the pit on the right side of the Map Disruptor in Pinion’s. You’ll fall through the map and end up in a hidden section below. Talking to the NPC triggers a fight and winning the fight gets you the Power Cell.

After beating the Worm boss in Sunken Wastes, the subsequent room has a hidden room with the Power Cell in it. You’ll also get the Evolution Achievement for getting this Power Cell.

Water Ducts

You must enter from “drainage pipe” entrance in Forgotten Ruins.

Enter the building in the middle of Snailbot Burrow and climb up the shaft.

While not required, having Double Jump or the Hookshot here makes the platforming section preceding this Power Cell a lot easier.

Forgotten Ruins

Requires Teleport.

Requires the Hookshot or Teleport.

You can sort of clip the edge of this Power Cell without any power-ups, but it’s a lot easier to get this with Teleport, Double Jump, or the Hookshot.

Ruined Surface & Blazing Furnace

The first time you enter the Ruined Surface (from the Factory exit), scale the wall on the right side. The Power Cell is at the top of the wall. Requires Double Jump.

Easy to get.

The Last Bunker

This Power Cell is actually accessible towards the start of the game after you get the Wall Jump ability. However, there’s no real need to make a detour here early for this Power Cell as you can’t progress past the next room without additional abilities.

Requires Hookshot to get pass hazards in the previous room.

Requires Power Bomb and Hookshot abilities. This Power Cell is easy to miss! See the Hidden Spots section for how to get into this room.

Getting all the Power Cells will get you the following Achievements:

  • Quatern’s Project Initiated: 1st Cell
  • Quatern’s Project In Progress: after 12 Cells
  • Quatern’s Project Complete: all 24 Cells

Capsule Fragments

There are 12 total Capsule Fragments. 2 are rewards from Quatern for finding Power Cells. 2 must be purchased from Sonnet.

Reward for beating the Tire boss in Abandoned Wastes.

These two are hard to miss. The first is the reward for beating the Worm boss in Sunken Wastes and the second is on a platform to the left of the Broken Clock in Pinion’s Expanse.

Requires the Morph Ball ability. After defeating the Circular Saw boss and getting the Morph Ball, return to the room with all the saws preceding the boss room. You can how roll under some saws that were previously impassable. Continue going upwards till you reach the top of the room. Progress through a series of rooms that you need to roll to enter to get this Fragment.

Toward the top of the room with The First Tree. You need to climb up the left wall, and after reaching the ledge at the top, Hookshot your way across the entire room to get this Fragment.

Requires Double Jump for the platforming section preceding this room.

These last two fragments you get towards the latter parts of the game. The first is pretty hard to miss as it’s in the hallway past the Monitor Room in The Last Bunker. The second requires the Teleport ability.

Getting all these Fragments, along with the purchasable ones, will get you the following achievements:

  • Capsule Fragments: After having Rondel (in the train) construct your first HP upgrade.
  • Well-Oiled Machine: After constructing all 4 HP upgrades (12 fragments).

Additionally, you must construct all 4 HP upgrades for Rondel to leave the train for you to subsequently get the Family achievement.

Map Disruptors

In total there are 14 Map Disruptors. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to try and prioritize these first as the Disruptors are usually placed near important objectives or crossroads.

Abandoned Wastes
Hidden behind a false wall.

Found shortly after defeating the Trash Magnet boss.

Central Core

Easy to get once you reach the Mainframe Vault.

At the top of the Former Core room on your way to the Power Bomb ability.

Factory Facility

Easy to get.

Just pass some saws. Consider killing the flying enemies before attempting to platforms to make it a little easier/less annoying.

The Last Bunker

Easy to get, especially if you’re entering the Bunker from the Central Core as opposed to the Ruined Surface.

Easy to get.

The Rest of Them

All the other locations only have a single Disruptor.

Pinion’s Expanse:

Incinerator Burner. Easiest path to Disruptor is to enter from the Abandoned Wastes.

Sunken Wastes:

Water Ducts:

Forgotten Ruins. Requires Teleport. Disruptor is hidden behind a fake ceiling.

Blazing Furnace. You can reach the Disruptor before getting the Hookshot, but having the Hookshot makes the return journey a lot easier.

Breaking all the Map Disruptors will get you the No More Mischief Achievement.

Hidden Areas

I’m not sure if you need to find all hidden areas to get 100% map completion. However, most of the hidden areas contain scrap metal or some “lore”, so it’s a good idea to check them out anyway.

Some objectives, like Map Disruptors and the Mysterious Egg, are in hidden areas already covered in the guide above, so for the sake of brevity I won’t repeat them in this section.

Abandoned Wastes

The Abandoned Wastes has 5 hidden areas. All of them are easy to access and are relatively bunched up, so I included them all on one image. Inside the Tire “hut” is also your first encounter with Limerick!

Pinion’s Expanse & Factory Facility

Both Pinion’s and the Factory both have almost no hidden areas besides one. Both of them are at the top of an elevator ride. In Pinion’s, the upper path towards in the very top-right of the section has an elevator you must take to reach Steam Town for the first time. Instead of heading left from the elevator towards Steam Town, there’s a false wall on the right you can destroy that’ll reveal a shaft that contains both a Power Cell and an easy path to the false wall in Factory.

The false wall in Factory is directly to the right of elevator that transports you between the Factory and the Water Ducts. If you’re coming from Pinion’s Expanse as I mentioned above, then you can continue up the shaft that contains the Power Cell and break through the wall from the “other-side”.

Sunken Wastes

After beating the Worm boss, you’ll have to roll through a long corridor that pops out on the left side of the elevator shaft between Sunken and Abandoned Wastes. Don’t fall all the way down! If you hop from the left side of the shaft to the right side and wall slide down, you should find a hidden alcove with a stash of scrap.

Once you reach the Derelict Hole, there’s an easy to find tunnel close to the center of the Hole that contains quite a stash of scrap. In the next room to the right of the Derelict Hole, there’s a false ceiling all the way to the top-right of the room. Head all the way up to the top to grab the B5 computer chip if you haven’t already.

The final hidden floor is close to the Research Lab where you get the Teleport ability, so swing by once you nabbed that. There’s a shaft with saws on all the right side, so you just need to wall slide down the left side to reach this spot.

Water Ducts & Forgotten Ruins

This hidden path is particularly easy to miss! It is right in the room where you get the Double Jump ability. It’s a bit hard to reach, but if you jump from the edge very top ledge (where you entered the room), you should be able to just cover enough distance and height to get into the path.

These two false walls are fairly obvious when you encounter them. On your way to the Hermit Crab boss in the Water Ducts, there’s a dark area where you navigate a bunch of horizontal pipes. All the way in the top-right corner is a false wall you can break for a bit of lore. Similarly, after you meet Rusty in the Ruins, you’ll find a false wall to the right of the Healing Pod. You should have Teleport at this point, as you’ll need it to reach a Power Cell in the very next room.

Not much to this one. Find the room shown in the mini-map on the picture and just wall jump up the wall in the Forgotten Ruins to reach this alcove.

The Last Bunker

This one is easy to miss! As you’re travelling through the Bunker, you’ll come across an infected column you’ll have to Teleport through. Don’t go through the column quite yet! Just before the column is an area on the floor that’ll start shaking when you walk over it. Use your Power Bomb ability here to find a hidden tunnel with a Power Cell in it.

The second hidden area is just before you reach the Creator in the Bunkers. There’s a small hole in the wall you can roll through to find some flowers.


Splunk is the brave little toaster we can find in 5 different areas. While you can meet him in any order, the last place you should find him is in The Last Bunker.

The first place you’re most likely to meet Splunk is in the tunnels connecting the Central Core to the Water Ducts.

You’ll need the Morph Ball ability to find him in the Central Core a second time, constructing a crude hut. After you find him, immediately leave and re-enter the room. Splunk should be gone, but his hut will still be there. Do the heartless thing and smash his hut to get the That Wasn’t Nice Achievement.

Splunk eventually makes his way into the scary Sunken Wastes. Once again, you’ll need the Morph Ball ability to roll into the “hiding spot”.

Forgotten Ruins. Nothing special about this one.

Splunk’s final spot in The Last Bunker. Finding him here after meeting him in the 4 previous locations will get you the Brave Little Toaster Achievement.

Misc. Achievements

How to get the other Achievements.

Sold Out! & Scavenger!

If you’re going for the No Manual Repairs Achievement, DO NOT buy the Adjustable Wrench from these two shopkeepers until AFTER you’ve beaten the game. Once you’re ready, you’ll have to talk to the shopkeepers each one more time for their respective Achievements to trigger.


He’s not just our elevator through the Factory! If you get off the elevator before it reaches the bottom of the first floor, you can speak with Mundo for the Achievement.

Two Points! & Save the Children

The triggers for these two Achievements aren’t hidden and you should come across them normally through your playthrough. The Robot for Save the Children is in Steam Town (and you have to do it to get the D3 Chip). The basketball hoops are in The Last Bunker on your way to face the Creator.


Hard to miss this one. Return to The First Tree after you’ve gotten the Double Jump ability. Enter the chamber at the top of the tree for a dialogue and the Achievement.

Finely Tuned

This one is pretty easy to get as well. In The Last Bunker, you’ll find a room with piano keys on the floor with the letter ‘G’ above it. Run across the piano to get a Cassette Tape. Melody is in the Forgotten Ruins near the Train station. Visit her with the Cassette Tape to get the Achievement.

Since you can do this Achievement at any point in time, if you want to reduce the amount of doubling-back you need to do, wait till after the game and get this one the same time you go for the Family Achievement.

In Too Deep & Another Adventure (Rusty)

You can only get these two Achievements after you’ve beaten the game. Return to the Mainframe Vault to get both of these.

You should find Limerick one last time towards the left side of the Vault for the In Too Deep Achievement.

On the right side, meet Rusty one final time for the Another Adventure Achievement. After talking with Rusty, leave the room and immediately return to pick-up your final Map Marker upgrade.

For reference, you can meet Rusty 4 additional times before this encounter for Map Marker upgrades each time. Note: enter the train as soon as possible (most likely the station in Pinion’s Expanse) to meet Rusty ASAP. If you wait too long, he might not appear at all.

Family and Literate

You can only get the Family Achievement after you’ve gotten all 4 HP upgrades from Rondel. Head to Lune’s alcove in the Forgotten Ruins for a quick dialogue and the Achievement should pop up.

If you haven’t listened to all of Lune’s poetry yet, now is a good time to do so. It’ll cost around 750 scrap metal to listen to all the poems.

The Last of Humankind & The Graveyard Shift

You meet a Mining Robot NPC in the Factory early on. Come back to the room after you’ve beaten the game and he’ll have dug a tunnel to the Catacombs. There’s also a hidden entrance from the Ruined Surface that requires the Teleport ability. In either case, interact with all the gravestones to get The Graveyard Shift.


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