The Elder Scrolls Arena: Infinite Gold Guide

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How to get Infinite Gold

Step 1
Find a suitable house. The type of house is very important.
Houses that contain a more “exotic” texture will often be sufficient.
They can also be differentiated from their surroundings, mansions will often have a fence or hedge surrounding the perimeter of the mansion.

You will need to pilfer in order to gain entry, fortifying and upgrading intelligence and agility can help. However even with these attributes levelled, it may take a few attempts.
If not, then use a weapon or fists in order to break the door down (attack the door until it opens)
If you are unsuccessful then you can save and repeatedly load until the door opens as it is luck dependent.

Select the designated icon and click on a door to attempt to open the door (Key is bound to “P”)

Identifying mansions
Houses across provinces look different. These are what they may look like;


Morrowind / Imperial Province / Black Marsh / Valenwood / Elsweyr / Summerset Isle


High Rock

Keep a look out for these kinds of buildings – as they do not frequently appear.

Step 2
Find a pile of gold and a room similar to this layout. It should look like this.

The pile of gold should be next to a set of stairs, if not, then try and find another house and repeat Step 1. This isĀ very important

Step 3
Enter through the door and back again to add the amount of loot that will gather from the pile of gold. For every time you exit and re-enter the room, more loot and items will accumulate.

To speed up the process you can increase the amount of clock cycles through DOS BOX (CTRL + 11 (Reduce Cycles) and CTRL + 12 (Increase cycles))

If any enemies are nearby, then walking upstairs and downstairs will remove them – be careful as some enemies may decimate your health bar.

Step 4
For all of the items, they can be sold to the blacksmith
The price can often go into the thousands and more depending on the type of loot.

This can be attempted as many times as required, which means the player can access Ebony armour and strong weapons immediately after leaving the first dungeon.

Thanks to MLGDRAX for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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