The Price Of Flesh: “Lifestyles for the Rich and Imprisoned” Achievement Guide

In my opinion, the hardest to get achievement in Derek’s route.
Also, is this meant to be a good ending? ‘Cuz it sure doesn’t feel like it…


Pre-Guide Tips

♡ I highly recommend this be the last ending you reach… at the VERY least, get the ending The machete was laid to rest, aka, the A New Day achievement.

♡ This whole playthrough will be VERY different than the one you would’ve done for the ending mentioned above, as the main requirement is to have less than 50 sanity by the second night.

♡ You will end up getting the canteen in this playthrough; DO NOT DRINK FROM IT! You will be able to later on, I suggest around 40 sanity, but I just want to reiterate this as much as possible because I don’t want you to ruin your run and have to start over.

♡ I think some of the stat effects are random, I had a heck of a time my first playthrough and had to start from my early save after the auction several times to get my sanity low enough, but for this walkthrough, it happened without having to do anything special. But I still have small portion of the guide to help if you had the same issues I did the first time.

Step by Step

♡ Either choice will do here.
Watch the men in masks
Try to communicate with the other captives

♡ Keep watching

♡ Stay here, until Derek arrives.

♡ Hide

♡ This doesn’t change much, but Derek will beat you more (and lower your health) if you choose the last option, so I recommend either of the first two.
Say nothing

♡ Accept

♡ DO NOT DRINK FROM THE CANTEEN! I know I said it before, but it will lock you out from being able to get this ending, as it will be harder for you to lose enough sanity in time.

♡ I’d recommend you save here, since by the time Derek is finished with you you’ll be close to death with heatstroke; and the best way (right now) to make your temperature go down is to select Walk down to the fissure and then Stay here repeatedly until the sun is totally set.

♡ By the time you’ve cooled down it should be around 20:00 – if it’s later, even better.

♡ Go to open desert

♡ Walk up to the hill

♡ This took me a few tries to get this the first time, but I got it the first time while playing through again for this guide. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone on every route or if I just remembered incorrectly, but I recommend you save here before continuing.
→ Actions → Search Area
→ Go inside
→ If you see a surprised character saying “Dragon!” reload (or watch how this bad end goes) and hit Stay here before trying again. May take have to wait a while.
→ If you see a relaxed character saying “Thanks, Dragon~” then continue.
→ The earliest I was able to get a distracted Komodo and Dragon at 24:00 while I made this guide; let me know in the comments if it worked for you at a earlier time!

♡ Wait

♡ Quick time event! Click the only option!

Stab him in the back

♡You should have 40 sanity at this point… either way, you can take to opportunity here to sleep, Stay here, but whatever you do, do NOT talk to Tom! He’s good for your mental health and we don’t want that, we want to go mad. Whatever keeps you busy until daylight.

♡At around 7:00 or 8:00, Leave the cave.

♡ Go to the open desert

♡ This should trigger the second scene with Derek; if not, Stay here until he arrives.
→ I don’t think Walk down to the fissure is a good idea at this time- we do not need to interact with Jaquline for this ending, and, in my previous playthroughs, it wasted time that could’ve been better spent elsewhere. It would be a good idea to do it shortly after you see Derek, though!

♡ Beg

Quick time event! Click the only option!

♡ With the other captors, we had to… do something rather drastic, mostly for the sake of lowering our sanity. And while making that same choice (ie, killing him), would definitely lower your sanity, it would lock us out of getting that ending.
Leave him

♡ This now leaves the perfect opportunity to lose some more sanity by clicking Walk down to the fissure to trigger a certain event I told you to avoid earlier.
→ Peek
→ Stay quiet

♡ If you still don’t have less than 50 sanity…
→ I hope you listened to what I said earlier and never drank out of the flask, since you should be very low on food. If you are totally empty on food, sometimes your sanity drops.
→ You didn’t talk to Tom, did you?
→ Now that the obvious points are out of the way, just hit Stay here out in the sun a few times and your hunger should make your sanity drop. My first time getting the ending, I did every event I could to lower my sanity, but the only thing that let me drop past that threshold was starting over, not drinking out of the flask, letting my food go out, and waiting. I also noticed that I never dropped sanity while in the cave or in the fissure or at night – I think it only happens when you get really hot while hungry.
→ When you follow that last step, be careful, you don’t want to die of heat stroke! Keep an eye on your temperature; if it gets to high, save here and then Walk down to the fissure for a couple turns – just not long enough for Jack to come find you (hence why I told you to save first).
→ When you get dialogue that starts with “I fell to my knees”, and ends with “If I don’t get out of the sun…” that means you are about to die of heat stroke and have until your next move to get out of the sun. Which, if you are out in the middle of the desert, your only option is the fissure. If your on the hill, the only option is the cave. If you are at the camp, I think your going to have to try and wind back real quick or reload. Or die, that’s another option.

♡ Do either one of the steps above, or if you have, say, less than 30 sanity, I recommend hanging out in the cave until at least 18:00; your sanity needs to be low, but you don’t want to die by the insanity ending do you?

♡ During any time of the night, Leave the cave if need be to Walk towards the camp.

♡ If you got the ending/achievement I told you to get in the Pre-Guide Tips, you will have already seen what happens in the first option… In fact, you shouldn’t have been able to get access to the second option unless your sanity was sub 50.
Stop him

Thanks to CelestialLizzie for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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