Lost Ember: Save Files for All Collectibles

Save files for all memories, mushrooms, relics and legendary animals.


Links and Locations

Back up your own save files first!

1) They can be found at:

2) Download my files from:

3) Switch off Steam sync.

4) Replace the folders and start Lost Ember

5) … start Lost Ember

Relic, Memory & Mushroom

Use SaveGames Collectibles Chp2

Start Chapter II.

Not far from the very beginning you will encounter little birds. Possess one of them and go into the hole. Beat mini-game and all relics trophy is yours.

Inventory Limit Reached
Found all relics

Continue from the relic pond. Possess a bigger bird and fly over to that hill, lookout for the white smoke as an extra marker. The last memory and mushroom there, examine them.

Landscaping Star
Found all mushrooms

I Remember
Triggered all memories

Last Legendary Animal

Use SaveGames Chp5 Legendary Sloth + Elephant

Start Chapter 5.

Once you’re out of the water, look for the white silhouette. Approach and possess.

Gotta Catch’Em all
Find all legendaries

You may also try possessing an elephant if you missed playing as all animals, as I got my trophy well before it and never actually tried to overtake that beast 🙂

Thanks to Lord Of War for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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