BlazBlue Centralfiction: How to Install Voice Mods

Hello there, I have heard a lot lately about people being confused with how to work through voice mods or installing them but don’t fear because I am here to show you how.


Going through the files

The very first step to making this work is to go to your game library. Right click on the game and then head to Browse local files, this will take you to the game filesĀ 

Finding the Voice folder

From here you’ll need to find the Voice folder in the game’s files, go to data/Sound/Voice, you’ll see a few folders in there, actvoice1 are voice files for Ragna and Carl in act 1 and subvoice are voice files for character interactions for Act 1 and for the DLC characters, the others should be self explanatory.

Replacing the pac. files

Now you’ll need to get whatever modded pac file(s) you have from any voice mod and replace them, after that boot up your game and you’re gucci. Please note that since the rollback update the files have been compressed and soundfixed so playing through voice mods online will cause to desync, however you should be able to play through online even with it if your opponent has the mod too.

Hopefully this helped and now you can listen to Ragna cussing in a language you can understand again.


A little something for everyone here but I am currently working through a BBCF complete dub mod and I have a Early Build right here! If you wanna try it out be sure to do so. Link is in the description:

Thanks to DarkSage861 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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