The Past Within: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in The Past Within.

Note: This guide was originally created by JoyousArtur and BlizzBlu, it is very rough and will be updated later!


The Past – Chapter 1

1 – Behind the mask [UNMISSABLE]
Put on the mask when you get it
2 – Bone, Flesh and Blood [UNMISSABLE]
Place the bone, flesh and blood into the machine3 – The Past has changed [UNMISSABLE]
Beat chapter 1

4 – Catch me if you can
Click on the critter inside the critter picture
Then click on the rose multiple times to make the critter fly away
After the vase breaks, the critter will be on the lantern at the mirror

5 – You know what to do
After looking at the picture of the crow and clicking on it, look at yourself in the mirror

6 – The Devil
After corrupting Albert’s corpse, check in the grave for the tarot card

The Past – Chapter 2

7 – Ear on the inside [UNMISSALBE]
Send the flesh to the future
8 – Dead eye [UNMISSABLE]

Stab the voodoo doll with the needle9 – Rooted in The Past [UNMISSABLE]
Beat chapter 2

10 – Breaking in
Trap the critter inside the hidden compartment of one of the gears

11 – Victor
Keep clicking the keys on the piano

12 – Hidden treasure
Put in the gems without any false placements

The Future – Chapter 1

1 – Who is that? [UNMISSABLE]
Finish the lens puzzle and look through to see young Rose, then click on her until she jumpscares you
2 – The year of The Future [UNMISSABLE]
Correctly enter the year of the future inside the terminal3 – The Future is ever changing [UNMISSABLE]
Beat chapter 1

4 – Checkmate
Finish the chess puzzle without making a false move

5 – A tooth for a tooth
Finish and continue the teeth puzzle even after the player in the past has obtained the tooth, neither player should exit the screen before this achievement is triggered,

6 – Squeak
Click on the mouse whenever you see it

The Future – Chapter 2

7 – All ears [UNMISSABLE]
Get the ear inside the room
8 – There will be blood [UNMISSABLE]
Resurrect Albert with bone, flesh and blood9 – Branching out [UNMISSABLE]
Beat chapter 2

10 – Frankenstein
When doing the flesh puzzle with the poison, water and coffee, do not mess up

11 – No way out
Repeatedly click on the mouse running around

12 – Harvey’s Song
Play Harvey’s Song on the radio (about 97.0, very precise) then look at the mirror

Thanks to JoyousArtur and BlizzBlu for their excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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