Terra Invicta: How to Steal Councilors From Other Factions

You can steal good councilors from other factions. This guide describes how.



Imagine snooping around other factions and seeing an adviser with great traits.

You wish they worked for you. Although it isn’t documented in the game, they can be convinced to switch factions.

Turn councilor

To steal a councilor, you need to turn them first. Turned councilors work both for their faction and for you; they provide you vision of their faction, and may be forced to increase failure rate on their missions.

To turn someone, you need:

  • Councilor with “turn” action and high persuasion. As far as I know, the action only comes with some professions; it can’t be added by orgs.
  • Full intelligence on target – this is accomplished by repeated investigation of target
  • Empty spy slot. Every faction has two.

The action itself is a roll of persuasion vs. target’s loyalty. Odds can be greatly improved (+10) by detaining the target first.

Steal councilor

Open the turned councilor’s profile, and press resign button.

They will leave their faction and join the councilor pool where they can be hired normally. They will lose their orgs, but not cybernetic implants.

Thanks to uskayaw for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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