The Elder Scrolls Arena: How to Rebind Your Keys Easily

Here is a guide on how to rebind your keys in under 5 mins.



you may’ve loaded the game up and realized the default keybinds aren’t up to modern standards, and worse, there’s no in-game option to rebind them

with this quick and painless mod you’ll be able to have a far more convenient set of keybinds while still having the ability to input text properly at the press of a single button.

EZ walkthrough

  • download the mod TES Arena Remapped[]
  • extract the contents of TES Arena REmapped-1-1-5
  • find your local arena install folder and navigate to the dosbox folder
  • copy and paste ‘mapper’ and ‘’ into said dosbox folder
  • voila

just remember: hold L ALT to seamlessly swap to text input when necessary

example folder location

how it oughta look when you’re done

if all went well you should now have a much easier time enjoying the game

credit to ArtInPinkerton (aka Pinkertonius)[] for TES:Arena Remapped

Thanks to brain injury style for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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