Miss Kawaii 3: Solutions for Lillian Level 3 and Freya Level 4

Miss Kawaii 3 is an 18+ puzzle game developed by Kawaii Hentai. If you’re playing the game, you may stuck in Puzzle 3 and Puzzle 4; this guide will help you.


Lillian Level 3 Guide

Here are the details to help you solve the puzzle in Level 3, the solution originally posted in the Steam Discussion.

Move the top 2 to the Right
Move the top 4 Down
Move the bottom 2 to the Left

Screenshot: Kilroy

Click the lower 0. This is the only puzzle in the game that uses this “technique”

Screenshot: Kilroy

Move the lower 4 Right
Move the upper 3 Down
Move the lower 2 Left
Move the remaining 3s Right

Screenshot: Kilroy


Freya Level 4 Guide

Screenshot: Sh4dow


That’s it. You will be able to unlock the gallery with this guide in the game.

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