The Break-In: Decent Easy Money

Get rich quick with this 1 Trick. CASINOS HATE HIM!


The Setup

1. Grind till you have a bigger getaway vehicle.
2. Get Wrench.

The Job

Load Casino Map. Bring Wrench.

1. Take out outside cameras (throw wrench)

2. Take out Inside cameras. one left and one right. (might also be another deeper in on one of the walls)

3. Run back to van to wait out the guards inspecting you being seen by the cameras when taking them out.

4. Now it should be relatively safe to go in with wench and unbolt all ATM and the chip dispensing machines on the close left and right walls. Guards patrol this area very infrequently and mainly go to the bathroom on the right wall so just be careful of that.

5. Loot all ATMs and the 2 Chip machines (or as much as you can fit) and leave.

6. Rinse Repeat.

The Profit

ATM’s are worth like 31k and chip machine worth 20k. It’s Better to do quick runs like that for money till you can afford bigger getaway vehicles.

Easy, Fast, Guaranteed Money.

Only house winning today is My House.

Thanks to ChosenUnbread for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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