The Break-In: All Maps Guide

Hello! this is literally my first guide for any game, i wrote about the maps, i wrote the strategy i use for the casino.


before we begin

this guide goes over all the maps for this game currently, i don’t have a VR headset, so views may be biased, but i play with a friend and they do, they’re probably a contributor. i’ll probably update this when Oliver adds more things to the game. (no guarantee, i will probably forget this exists lol)
some values for items may be off, the prices may have changed since i’ve made this guide.
i recommend going to the maps in 3 and 4 when the profit is above 6 and the dangers low, that’s where i get the most money.
the mall section is incomplete, its 90%? complete
the maps i have shown may look different than yours, every map is randomly generated 🙂

1. the 2 houses

don’t go to the houses if you want to make money (the most i’ve made out of these houses is 21,000 and that’s when i stole EVERYTHING.) look at 3 and 4 if you want to make the most money.

These houses are kinda just meh? you can get goofy with your friends in them but that’s really it,
the only really valuable thing you can steal from these places are the small safes in the attics. (safes are 2000, if there’s a big safe, they’re 4500)

there is a reference to a very smoothbrained man in the attics of both houses, it’s worth 147.

2. the mall

here’s a list of all the shops that can spawn in the mall (that ive seen)
jewelery store with a small safe (you can wiggle the displays and the jewelery comes out, i don’t think that’s intended. a few of them are worth 400-650)
clothing shop
hunting shop
dave’s bakery
small barbershop
3 tech stores
2 game/DND stores?
3 musical instrument stores
2 fitness stores
2-3 atms spawn at the front of the actual mini mall if you’re lucky, there will probably be a guard or civillian on them though. (worth 25k each if you have a wrench)

Either a tech store or an instrument store can spawn on the left of the mall, same with an arcade or a laundromat next to it.

The instruments are worth a bit? the most expensive item i got from the music stores was a case worth 850, i could not steal the giant piano…

there’s 2 safes at top of the main tech store with 3 wads of cash on the big safe.
1 small safe in the music store, i got lucky with mine and got state documents under the stairs to the 2nd floor. (i think state documents can spawn in both stores.)

3. the mechanics

(this requires at most dave’s van if you want to make the most money, but you can use anything above a bike)
don’t bother stealing cars even if there’s more than one of you, it is not worth it, the 67,000 dollars may look enticing, but it took me 30 real minutes trying to get one of them into my van.

in the reception area of the mechanics building, there are 3 wads of cash on the desk and a small safe below it. (cash is 999 each and the safe is 2000)
a big safe spawns in the corner of the smaller building to the left of the mechanics, but usually NPCs spawn in that building, so i don’t recommend it.

there’s also a guaranteed car spawn and ATV spawn in the garages next to the smaller building.

if you can, steal every bike you see, ATVs are not worth stealing because they’re 800 dollars when bikes are usually 6,000 to like 24,000. (modern looking green and red ones are 24k while normal ones are 9k, there’s also old bikes worth 6k)

you can take all the car parts if you want, its basically free (time wise) if you have the swag bags and some of them are worth a bit. (the motorbike seats are like 200-800-1500 dollars)

will update when i have more knowledge 🙂

4. the casino

(you can do this map with the tuk tuk pickup and everything above it, but i recommend dave’s van and above)
i recommend taking a wrench for the casino, so you can disable cameras and rip doors off their hinges, its also the main way to make money if you cant get to the vault on this map, read the ATM paragraph.

A small version of the eiffel tower and a helicopter spawn on the roof, i couldn’t steal either of them but they’re cool, i guess?

i highly recommend taking the ATMs and the chip dispensers (ATMs are worth 25,000 while chip dispensers are worth 16,000) if you want to make money real fast, i’ve seen 2 guards patrol from the back to the next to the atms, so be careful of that.

The VAULT on the other hand, i recommend taking a climbing axe with a wrench or playing with a friend, if you want to get to the vault quickly, i recommend a few steps, they require a climbing axe but its the way i get into the vault,

(if you just want to get to the vault and steal from it, i recommend the tuk tuk pickup and a swag bag for maximum profit.)
climb to the roof and HOPE there’s a camera on the roof door, if there is, walk infront of it until it notices you, wait a few seconds, then jump down to the backdoor, the guards should be on the roof when you get there, take a wrench to the backdoor, (there’s usually a camera above it, so whack it with your wrench as well) there will be a camera CLOSE to you on the right, if you can, whack it with your wrench then SPRINT towards the stairs going down (left), there will be a few doors, one entering the vault hallway, and a door to the right when you walk in, DO NOT open that door, it is the security room, there’s a vault door when you turn left and a door to the right of it, make your way to the far door (cause the vaults locked and the wrench doesn’t work on vault doors) there’s a secret hidden in that room, and also a bunch of state documents and cash, the security will probably be back in 30 seconds when you get into that office, so be quick if you know what to do.
use your wrench on the painting in that room, and you will get the vault door keycard
if you don’t use my strat for getting into the vault, it is DIFFICULT man, a guard patrols between the vault door and the door next to it, that is his entire patrol, so if you don’t want the cops on you, use my strat.

will also update if i get more knowledge

Thanks to michael and awkwardFox for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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