SUPER BOMBERMAN R2: How to Cheese the AI during Enemy Ambushes (Story Mode)

For people who are having trouble, bored of playing defense, or want to rush through the story mode.


World 1 – Planet Fulvita

Conveyor Belts are the main key to cheesing these ambush segments. For all worlds, make use of the conveyor belt hazard right next to a soft block. They programmed to place their bombs right next to it rather than space it out.
Video of it in action:

World 2 – Planet Aquastar

Follow the same rules as usual. Conveyor belts next to a soft block with cannons firing at them. This one is a bit tricky because the AI will sometimes body block the bomb from moving away from the soft block, clearing the path. So make sure to also reuse the strat to block the keys. Even if they reach a key, their pathing is terrible and they never actually leave the key area.

Video of it in action + backup key areas in case they escape:

World 3 – Unknown Star

Same strat again. Use the moving lift as a distraction for the AI (optional). Don’t worry if it gets destroyed during defense. The AI hasn’t escaped once from my testing.

Video of it in action:

Extra Notes

You might run into an object limit if you aren’t a specific level. Highly recommend leveling up a bit to increase the object limit for obstacles if you do run into issues with it.
Have fun watching the AI blow themselves up!

Thanks to Happy190 for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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