We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will cover how to get all achievements, which will include an explanation on how to beat the 3 minigames with perfect score.



The achievements in this part can’t be missed through the campaign and/or are self-explanatory

Assemble a Crew!
Invite a friend to play We Were Here: The Friendship!

(The invite has to be sent in-game)

Weigh Anchor, Set Sail!
Obtained access to The Friendship.

Welcome Aboard!
Joined the Captain’s crew

We Can Do Better!
Shred 5 tickets

(When finishing a minigame grab the ticket and put it in the retry machine. This can be done with any kind of tickets)

Crewmate Carousel

The first minigame is based on communication. See below for further explanation.

The Art of Parley
Obtained a ticket from Crewmate Carousel

(Complete the first minigame with any score)

Gold Pact
Achieved a maximum score in Crewmate Carousel

To get the perfect score you must pass 3 stages of the minigame, being 5 rounds each.

-Stage 1: One player will be in a room with a puppet doing a pose and 4 buttons. The other will have 4 puppets marked with symbols. Player B has to tell Player A about the symbol that matches the first puppet’s pose

-Stage 2: Exactly the same as stage 1 with the roles reversed

-Stage 3: Both players get double the options and the roles change each round
(This is where you will probably get the Shred 5 tickets achievement)

Maps & Markers

The next minigame explores how coordination with your friend can get you through everything
Wrong, it’s about math (kinda)

Tiles, Trails, Treasure!
Obtained a ticket from Maps & Markers

The Golden Ratio
Achieved a maximum score in Maps & Markers

The objective of the room is to reach 21 points with each of the 3 colors. This can be obtained by matching tiles and pillars of the respective color.

Each player stands in a room with a grid, one with colored tiles and one with pillars.

The tiles consist of two parts: Front and Back
-Front: This is the part where decides the points obtained. Every color placed next to another color will give you 1 point, so 2 minimum to work. This works the exact same way pillars.

-Back: When placing a tile, a pillar slot will appear on the other side with 1-3 colors, those colors decide which pillars can be placed (red on red, blue on blue).

Did you see ^that light? Yea I supposed, that is used to guide the other player on where to place the tile. But how will they knowwhere they should put a tile? We’ll get into that later.

But first

Rapid Fire of info 😀

Both players have to take the item on the same letter
The player with the pillars can throw one to the trash to reroll one cycle (oh yea did I mention it’s limited to 10 cycles, oh, whatever), not recommended.

(for pillars and stuff)

So basically the general strat is to get 3 Pillars x 7 Tile points. The priority should be to split the Pillar grid into 3 parts for each color.
Should looks something like this:

Siren’s Curse

Now for the last one you are introduced to a new character.
Your previous partner dissapears and you meet this being I like to call

The Idiet is a being of mischievous energy and will actively try to kill himself

Pelagic Perils
Obtained a ticket from Siren’s Curse

Gold Medal Crewmates
Achieved a maximum score in Siren’s Curse

Now I will show you all the steps to take care of your very own Idiet.
There are 9 obstacles your Idiet will have to go through and it’s your job to bring it back alive.
-1 If your Idiet can’t figure this one out you should inmediately quit the game and find a new friend
-2 In this one, you have to guide your Idiet through the bridge to get to the button.
But be careful!! Your Idiet cannot see the bridge. In future attempts, your Idiet will insist on doing this without your help, Do not trust it’s words.

-3 The next one is simple enough even for your Idiet, as you should tell him to jump to the next platform when the clock reaches 0
-4 Inmediatly after gracefully landing the jumps you must scream to your Idiet to stop. As It will most likely run straight to the left path of the slope which will lead to It’s demise. You should ask him politely to walk right instead then head back to “safety”.

-5 For the next part there will be platforms and walls, the platforms will move on a set pattern every time your Idiet jumps. You have to guide it to the shiny walls. Note that your Idiet will see all of the walls shiny

-6 The next obstacle has 2 possible paths, one so easy to understand I’m not even talking about it because The Second path it’s only available to those brave enough to try the Minecraft Parkour Path.

-7 Four classic pendulums, won’t even try to make a funny out of this

-8 & 9 Number 2 again but much longer, you have to remember to scream the directions louder than your Idiet when The Thing happens 🙂
Using the lights on the walls can be a good reference point


If you managed to get this far even with the presence of the Idiet I congratulate you for your courage and release you from your chains, as the next 2 achievements require nothing but walking foward.
Go, my child, and set sail with pride.

Ship Dip!
Completed the trials and launched a sea-worthy vessel!

Our Friendship is Golden
Achieved a maximum score in all trials and assembled the Golden Friend Ship!

Thanks to Bicarbonato De Sodio for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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