Paradiso Guardian: Physis Hideout + The Death Secretory Achievement Guide

Location of Physis Hideout + Location of Enemies to kill


Physis Hideout Location

The location of Physis’s Hideout is located 2 maps right of the elevator in Celestial Waterway.
Locating the hideout would unlock the “Knight Clubhouse” Achievement.

Enemies required to kill for “The Death Secretory” Achievement

  • Flame Demon (x10)
  • Axe Knight (x20)
  • Rock Knight (x20)
  • Minotaur Knight (x20)
  • Gladiator (x15)
  • Charge Knight (x15)
  • Granite Knight (x10)
  • Hammer Knight (x10)
  • Torch Knight (x20)

Flame Demon

Circled area in Harbor Entrance, a few maps above the 2 bells.
(Re-enter the map after you defeat it to respawn)

Axe Knight

Rock Knight

Minotaur Knight


Teleport to Celestial Waterway Door

Charge Knight

Teleport to Celestial Waterway door

Granite Knight

Hammer Knight

Teleport to Shifted Sanctuary door

Torch Knight

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