Starship Troopers: Extermination – Hunter Guide (Assault Class)

How to play the Hunter class effectively




  • The morita hawkeye is the best weapon in the game, so use it since hunter lacks damage
  • The emancipator can stun warrior bugs when they are chasing you, if you need to reload switch to pistol then stunlock them till they die


  • The best grenade i found is the napalm grenade, it deals lots of damage when you throw it to enemies destroying your walls, good aoe.
  • The ammo fabricator is the most useful thing in this game, it lets you shoot almost forever and helps out your team, it has 4 charges and can be placed twice.


  • I go with the grenade cooldown reduction perk because the napalm grenade is really good and the cooldown currently is massive
  • More ammo is better than less ammo, also you will use your ammo fabricator less so you can leave charges for your teammates


The hunter has the jetpack and his running speed is by far the fastest compared to the other 2 classes.

  • Jetpack – used to reach the high ground, enemy bugs can’t reach you, you are basically safe, protect your teammates by sniping the bugs approachng the objective.
  • Faster running speed – you still can’t outrun bugs so it’s mostly used to reach objectives faster

The gunner bug is by far the most threatening bug in the game, they have perfect accuracy and deals lots of damage, if you die in 1 second and you didn’t know how you died it was probably the gunner bug.

While sniping other bugs you need to watch out for gunner bugs, currently they are pretty op, take a look of the battlefield and kill them as soon as they spawn, those bugs are your number 1 threat and your first target priority.


I strongly believe that the hunter class, lacks damage and an identity, i don’t know why operators have the hawkeye as unlockable, his faster speed is nice but not enough, he needs a reload speed and a damage buff for him to become really viable.

Thanks to ][T-Bone][ for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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