Starfield: New Game Plus Skip

How to skip to the end of the game after starting NG+ (SPOILERS)   Warning The methods described will be using the console and console commands, therefore are for PC only, and will disable achievements. The only way to get around this is to use a Achievement Enabler mod. I personally use Achievement Enabler by brunph[], … Read more

Starfield: Quickstart and Core Mechanics

A guide for those who worry about making sub-optimal choices in the early game, and for those who can’t figure out how some of the game mechanics work.   Overview Okay Dusty, time to get your feet wet. Purpose of this guide is to go over all the major game mechanics so you can make … Read more

Starfield: Early Passive Income Walkthrough

How to quickly build up passive income without any skill requirements as soon as you finish the tutorial section. The sooner you get an early outpost setup the sooner you can start generating income while playing the main game content. Lessons learned from my own trial and error in the early game.   Introduction The … Read more

Starfield: HOTAS Support Workaround for Xbox Controller

Setting up a Logitech/Saitek X52 HOTAS and Flight Pedals for Starfield via Universal Control Remapper for Xbox controller (XInput using ViGEm)   Intro and Setup If you’re like me and want a bit more immersion and realism in the Starfield universe, this is a workaround until someone creates a mod or Bethesda develops HOTAS support … Read more

Starfield: Force Auto HDR with no .exe Renaming (HDR Fixed)

A quick and easy way to add HDR into Starfield using window’s built in AutoHDR support by forcing it to accept Starfield.exe. This can be applied to *any* game missing HDR support, enjoy!   Enabling Auto HDR in Windows In this section I’ll walk you through enabling AutoHDR on your HDR display if you don’t … Read more

Starfield: How to Change Your Field of View

A quick guide on changing the in-game Field of View.   Change your field of view 1. Locate the Starfield folder within My Games. Default location is C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Starfield 2. Create a notepad & name it StarfieldCustom.ini. 3. Within the .ini file, paste the following: [Camera] fFPWorldFOV=90.0000 fTPWorldFOV=90.0000 4. Enter game & field of view should now … Read more