Starfield: Force Auto HDR with no .exe Renaming (HDR Fixed)

A quick and easy way to add HDR into Starfield using window’s built in AutoHDR support by forcing it to accept Starfield.exe. This can be applied to *any* game missing HDR support, enjoy!


Enabling Auto HDR in Windows

In this section I’ll walk you through enabling AutoHDR on your HDR display if you don’t already have it on

1. Open your settings and go to system, then display

2. Click on the HDR subsection

3. Ensure AutoHDR is enabled

Downloading and Extraction

In this section I’ll guide you through downloading & extracting the mod from github, I’ll have a very brief version at the top and a more expanded one for those who want the general understanding of how to navigate GitHub

Quick Install

1. Go to here:[]

2. Navigate to the downloaded file, right click it and select “Extract all…”
(Alternatively skip this and extract however you prefer)

3. In the window that pops up set a memorable folder location and check the box

4. Your folder should pop up after it’s done and it’s contents should look like this:

Running & Installing

This is how you actually *use* the file you downloaded, note this is all easily reversed with the same file see the next section to edit

1. Double click and run the executable

2. In the Terminal window that popped up put the name/path of the executable to target (Starfield.exe) and hit enter

3. Put ‘y’ to enable the mod and hit enter

4. Put ‘y’ to enable 10-bit put ‘n’ to not enable it. If unsure put ‘n’
(Note: This likely enables 10bit color, which is not necessary for HDR. Right now there’s little documentation on the mod to be sure. Try with both, but ‘n’ should work on any HDR monitor)

Changin/Updating Existing Installs

Firstly I’ll assume you’ve navigated to the folder and run the executable that you did for installation:

1. Type the name of the executable or path to it that you put when installing and hit enter

2. Now you can edit the settings from before

Thanks to ≋W≋A≋V≋E≋Y≋ for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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