Sexy Mystic Survivors: Advanced Weapons and Passives Guide

This guide covers advanced topics related to weapons and passives.


Weapons and Passives Basics

Each level up, the player can choose a new weapon or passive, or upgrade an existing weapon and passive. There is a max of 6 weapons and 6 passives for most characters. Additionally, 6 random passives are spawn on the map, giving a maximum possible 12 passives.

Note: To obtain the 7th passive, all 6 passive slots must be filled already. Thus, the next time a passive is picked up from the ground, it will create a new slot, allowing the player go beyond the maximum of 6.

Generally speaking, obtaining more than 6 passives is necessary for surviving the highest difficulty. Although it is not necessary, and may be counter productive, to collect all 12 passives.

For weapons, they can be evolved to their stronger form after a) they’ve reached level 8, b) the corresponding passive is obtained and c) a treasure box is opened after the first 2 conditions are met.

The primary objective to surviving the highest difficulty is to evolve all 6 weapons. And to do that, you need to plan out which 6 passives to be taken first. The best way to do this is pause the game at the beginning to pull up the mini map to see what has been spawned. You should focus picking up passives that you need but are not available on the map.

Choosing a Character

Some characters are better than others for end game content.
The best character is Melisandre due to her passive ability to gain 1% damage per 100 gold picked up.
The good characters are Bellatrix, Ayne, Cassandra, Ciara, and Isaya. These characters either have a good passive or good active ability suited for highest difficulty.
The lousy character is Rosaline due to her wpn lacking an evolution form
The worst characters are Camyla and Sophia, due to their lack of escape or survival abilities.

Best Weapons and Passives

Generally speaking, passives are more important than weapons. So when given the choice, sacrifice weapons for a passive. Also, it is not necessary to have Legendary qualities, as they only provide 15% improvement over the basic version.

The best passives are Exp Gain, Attract and Cooldown. These are nearly mandatory.
The good passives are Health, Armor, and Recovery, because they allow evolutions that are necessary for survival.
The nice passives are Area, Boots and Damage. Additionally, for Melissandre, Gold is good too. These provide additional damage, which is nice to have.
The acceptable passives are Luck, Cheese and Projectile Speed

Due to the desirability of the passives, this leads to the following Weapon choices:
The best Weapon is Holy Cross (Evolution 1) which does by far the most damage and Energy Shield (Either evolution is fine) which provides the best survival and reasonable damage.
The good weapons are Frost Staff (Evolution 1) for the freezing effect and Scythe (Evolution 2) for reasonable damage.
The nice weapons are Fire Boots (Evolution 1) for great damage and Chakram (Evolution 2) for acceptable damage.

Therefore, a typical end game Weapon / Passive combo would look like this:
Exp Gain with Chakram
Health with Holy Cross
Armor with Energy Armor
Recovery with Frost Staff
Area with Scythe
Attract and Cooldown as the additional passives
The above setup consumes 5 weapon slots and 7 passives. If your character does not use one of these weapons as the starting weapon (ie. you are not Melisandre, Cassandra or Ciara), then you will need the 8th passive to evolve that weapon. If your character does use one of these weapons, then it is recommended that Fire Boots be taken as the 6th weapon and Boots as the 8th passive.

Final Words

The best way to survive the end game is not by picking Cheese for more lives. Rather, it is to maximize damage and armor. To do that, it is a priority to get the necessary Weapons and Passives as soon as possible. The longer you take to collect your 8 necessary Passives (see section above), the longer you are exposed to dying. Once the 8 Passives are obtained, the game can no longer spawn new passives on your level up selection menu. Thereby accelerating the Evolution of your weapons.

This means don’t be greedy trying to roll Legendary passives. Don’t be greedy trying to get all 12 passives. And keep your active ability available in case you get walled in with no escape.

Thanks to WomboCombo for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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