School Labyrinth Multiplayer Connection Issues: A Fix Guide

Venturing into the eerie and twisted halls of School Labyrinth with friends can transform a spooky solo experience into a thrilling cooperative adventure. However, some players have encountered a shadow lurking not in the game’s corridors but in the multiplayer lobby system, preventing them from joining together in this chilling escapade. If you’re facing issues joining a multiplayer lobby in School Labyrinth, you’re not alone. This guide aims to shed some light on common problems and provide solutions to help you reunite with your friends in the game’s hauntingly mysterious environment.


The Issue at Hand

Players eager to explore the haunted school in multiplayer mode have reported difficulties when attempting to join a game room using the provided room ID. This hiccup in the multiplayer experience can dampen the excitement of navigating the game’s labyrinthine school together.


Solutions to Reconnect

Fear not, for there are ways to bypass this spectral barrier and dive back into the multiplayer experience:

Method 1: Steam Download Region Adjustment (Recommended)

  • Navigate to your Steam client’s settings.
  • Find the ‘Downloads’ tab.
  • Look for the ‘Download Region’ option and set it to Japan/Tokyo.
  • This adjustment aligns your connection closer to the game’s server region, potentially smoothing out the connection issues.

Method 2: Restart Steam

  • A simpler, though less targeted approach, involves fully exiting the Steam client and then relaunching it.
  • This can sometimes refresh your connection and resolve any temporary glitches preventing you from joining a multiplayer lobby.


Can I Join a Lobby online with people you have never met before?

Currently, School Labyrinth does not support open lobbies for joining random players online. Multiplayer is restricted to joining rooms via a specific room code. However, players can indirectly create a public game by sharing their room code in public forums, social media, or game community spaces where fellow enthusiasts gather. This method allows you to connect with new players eager to brave the game’s horrors alongside you.



While encountering issues in multiplayer can be frustrating, these solutions offer a beacon of hope for players looking to explore School Labyrinth with friends. Whether it’s adjusting your Steam download region or restarting the client, these steps can help you bypass the barriers to multiplayer gaming. As you venture into the game’s chilling depths, remember that the shared experience of facing the game’s terrors can make the journey all the more memorable. Happy ghost hunting!

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