Pet Legend Codes (February 2024): Grab Your Rewards!

“Pet Legend” invites you into an enchanting world where your role as a pet trainer is pivotal to achieving greatness. With a plethora of pets to collect and a rich turn-based RPG experience, this mobile game offers a journey filled with challenges and victories. Kickstart your quest with these special redeem codes:

All codes work in the latest version of game


All Redeem Codes for Pet Legend:

These codes are your ticket to enhancing your lineup of pets, boosting your BP, and setting you on the path to becoming the ultimate pet trainer.

Active Codes

  • GiftFromBrock
  • GiftFromMisty
  • GiftFromAsh
  • GiftFromAMPAS

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Expired Codes

  • nothing yet

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How to Redeem Your Codes:

Redeeming your codes in “Pet Legend” is straightforward, allowing you to quickly bolster your team. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings within the game.
  2. Select Redeem Code.
  3. Input one of the above codes and confirm to unlock your rewards.


Game Overview:

“Pet Legend” invites you into a world filled with over 100 collectible pets, each with its unique abilities and evolution paths. The game boasts a star-up/tier-up system, a trinket system, and various other features to train and evolve your pets, boosting your Battle Power (BP) to new heights.

Engage in strategic pet battles, build your ultimate pet lineup, and challenge other players in the game’s Arena system. Explore rogue-like dungeons and climb the ranks in the Global Arena to establish yourself as the top pet trainer.

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