How Many Endings in Future Fragments?

In the dynamic and immersive world of Future Fragments, the narrative journey is as varied as the choices players make, leading to a broad spectrum of possible endings. Understanding the depth and breadth of these outcomes is crucial for players looking to explore every narrative avenue the game offers.


The Landscape of Endings

Future Fragments is designed with a complex system that tracks player decisions and actions, culminating in a diverse array of narrative conclusions. According to one of the developers, HentaiWriter, in the SteamCommunity, The game boasts a total of 33 distinct endings, each offering a unique glimpse into the potential futures of the game’s characters and world.


Description of True and Bad Endings

Among the 33 endings, there are 21 categorized as “true endings.” These are accessible when players successfully collect all gold databanks and Fragments by the game’s climax. Two key factors significantly influence these endings: the player’s highest Ideal and their accumulated Sexuality value. The true endings are notably diverse, each accompanied by its own set of music, a CG illustrating key moments, and a distinct storyline.

For those who do not meet the criteria of collecting all the necessary items, the game presents one of 12 “bad ending” variants. These variants are influenced by the player’s Sexuality value and their interactions with Faye, a central character in the game. While the bad endings share similar animations, they differentiate in terms of dialogue and unfolding events, reflecting the player’s journey and choices.


Understanding Sexuality Thresholds

The game employs a Sexuality threshold system to help determine the nature of the ending a player receives:

  • A Sexuality value of -1 or less results in a negative ending.
  • A Sexuality value within the range of 0-100 leads to a neutral ending.
  • A Sexuality value of 100+ secures a positive ending.



Future Fragments offers a rich narrative experience, with 33 different endings that reflect the myriad choices and paths a player can take. Whether aiming for one of the 21 true endings or navigating the nuances of the 12 bad endings, players are encouraged to explore the depths of the game’s storytelling and the consequences of their in-game actions. Each ending serves as a piece of the larger narrative puzzle, providing players with a comprehensive understanding of the game’s complex world and the characters that inhabit it.

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