Sanity of Morris Walkthrough (100% Achievement & Collectible Guide)

Screenshot guide with written explanations about collectibles and achievements + ~80mins walkthrough with all collectibles collected.


Completion time and general information

Completion time: ~4h without following a walkthrough video and just checking for the collectibles as checklist to not miss any of it. ~2h by following a walkthrough.
Perfection difficulty:1/10, no difficulty settings, stealth part of the game isn’t difficult at all and you just need to find collectibles.
Required playthroughs: 1, unless you missed some collectible. No chapter select, every single collectible need to be found during a single run.
Missable achievements: There are missable achievements only for collectibles. Every other achievements related to the story. Each level has 10 timeline collectibles (first one gained automatically on Level 1) + 3 stickers, one on first Level, 2 on the third Level.

Video Walkthrough

Chapter 1 achievements / collectibles

The very first collectibe is acquired automatically when reaching the house.

Second collectible is on the table once you enter the house.

Third collectible is on the bookshelf.

Fourth collectible is in the basement, on a barrel.

Fifth collectible is in the bathroom, inside of the first aid box. You need the screwdriver to open it which found in the basement.

Sixth collectible is inside the next room, on the table.

7th collectible: Enter the bedroom and go out to the balcony, it is located there.

Once you go through the reinforced door you can go up to the attic. The sticker is on the wall, which will unlock your first achievement. Make sure you loot up all collecltibles on the attic before using the computer there:

Chapter 2 achievements / collectibles

1: First collectible will be front of a big stone, it is very hard to miss the stone.
2: You will get to a point where you will have a vision. You will see that Hank entering a pipeline and you need to go to there too. Once entered you will get to a T intersection, keep heading straight so you will get to the room where you entered the pipeline. The next collectible is there.

3: Return to T intersection and now follow the other path, the next collectible is there in a small room.

4: Once you left the pipelines you will get to a big room. Collectible marked on the picture.

5: You will see another vision, Hank running away from something and going to an area to your left. Go there and enter the pipeline there. It will lead to a big room and the collectible is on that “balcony”. This is a dead end so you need to return through the pipeline to continue the story.

6: while heading on your path you will see a room with another vision “flower”. There are 3 other tunnels leading out from this room, 2 dead ends, at the end of one of it you can find the 6th Chapter 2 collectible.

7: On the alien console in the next room. Don’t required to pick it up asap, first deal with the aliens and you can pick it up once the room is cleared.

8: At previous room you will enter some pipeline again. The collectible is in a sideroom, you can get to there with through a pipeline which you need to enter to avoid the big green thing.

9: This one should be directly on your path…

10: This is not much far from the previous one. On next platform after the 9th collectible you can use 2 “ball” with your flashlight. Follow the path which leading upstairs and you will get to a big stone and to the 10th collectible. BE AWARE: you can’t jump in this game and if you move downstairs via the other green “tree branch” then somehow it is impossible to get back to the platform and backtrack to the chapter 2 10th collectible.

Chapter 3 achievements / collectibles

1: First collectible will be in a room like this. This is area is after the soldier taken away by an alien when you enter a room which looks exactly like this. You will find a key too in this room.Timestamp on video: 56:58-57:30

2: On the desk and there is a key too at the body of the corpse.

Timestamp on video: 57:35-57:50

3: one of the previous keys opens a door. The door is under the stairs you used previously, so you need to backtrack a bit.

Timestamp on video: 57:55-58:10

Spider Sticker: There will be a big room with an alien + many doors. For 2 doors you need to have 2 different keycards, for one door you need to have an eyeball (retina scanning). Behind one of the door you will see the sticker on the wall for the Spider Sticker achievement, and behind the door which require the eyeball you will find the 4th Level 3 collectible. You need to enter all 3 rooms to progress on story.

Sticker: Timestamp on video: 1:03:15-1:03:50
4th collectible: Timestamp on video: 1:04:00-1:04:10

True Tale Sticker + 5th collectible: you will get to a room with a lot red coloured gas cannisters. The room has many wooden boxes, in one of it you will find the True Tale Sticker, in another the 5th collectible and in another the item which require you to progress on story.

Timestamp on video: 1:09:13-1:09:40

6th collectible: After taking the gas mask, enter through first door and the collectible is inside of this room.

Timestamp on video: 1:11:30-1:12:10

7th collectible: inisde the interrogation room, on the table

Timestamp on video: 1:13:40-1:13:55

8th collectible: unmissable, you are forced to loot this up.

You will get to a big room with lot of offic boxes(?). The last 2 collectible inside of these work station areas:

Timestamp on video: 1:20:15-1:21:30

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