Mr.Mine: Quickly 100% Achievements (In 1 Hour)

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements just in one hour?



Hello my fellow friend!

You got here to farm achievements and get +1 perfect game for your Steam library, right?

Well, you’re on the right way

P.S. Currently you can’t change language in the game, so I took in-game screenshots with russian localisation, but that shouldn’t be a problem, because the process is described step by step

Starting location quests

On starting location we are interested in this old miner, who gives us wise advices (in fact, quests)

Click on it and see quest list:

That’s exactly what we need to complete to get Steam achievements

A bit of magic

What is the magic?

We need to get a bunny from a hat change game values, responsible for quest completion

For that we are heading to this directory (folder with a game):

Open file quests.js with any text editor
For example, I’ll be using common .txt editor


Here we are interested in first 14 quests, which can be completed on starting location

Find line if(numGoldOwned() >= 100 && quest[0] == 0)
And change if(numGoldOwned() >= 100
To if(numCoalOwned() >= 20

It means completion of first quest after you get 20 coal (1 lvl ore), not 100 gold (4 lvl ore), so it is right after tutorial ends

Then we change other 13 quests, looking like this:

Don’t touch quest #14!

Don’t forget about Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V (you want to do that faster, don’t you?)

For example, first 3 quests should look like this:

I guess, you found out that there are no quest #1 “Share with friend” – we can add it by yourself:
Add right here (between 0 and 2 quests):

That code:

if(numCoalOwned() >= 20 && quest[1] == 0)
quest[1] = 1;
newNews(_(“You Completed The Quest”) + “: ” + _(“SHARE WITH FRIEND”), true);



Road to El Dorado

Now we need to dig 300km to the underground city to open other 14 quests

To speed up the process, we cen use magic, if you understand what I am talking about
For that we are heading to that path:

Open file drillmanagement.js with any text editor

Find section Logic for the drill

Add right here:

That code:

if(depth >= 10 && depth <= 300)
depth += 303;


From now, at a depth of 10 km (first 5 minutes of a gameplay) – underworld city will be unlocked

A little bit more magic

Going back to rabbit in a hat changing game values in file quests.js

Now we change the values ​​of the remaining 14 quests

Find line if(quest[15] == 0 && depth >= 303)
And change depth >= 303)
To numPainiteOwned() >= 1)
(Idk why developer decided to swap conditions)

This will complete 15th quest when you get just 1 painite, on such depth you’ll get it just immidiately

Then we change other 13 quests, looking like that:

For example of first 3 quests, you should see that:


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