Sea of Stars: All Treasure and Collectibles Checklist

Here is a list of all treasure chest in Sea of Stars. This is NOT a walkthrough!


NOTE: Missables!

Before you continue reading, there are 2 missables I think you should be aware of ASAP:

  • As soon as you gain the ability to fly, talk to SeraÏ  while camping to get Joce’s Belt Buckle. You can miss this if you defeat the boss in the Throne of The Queen That Was before acquiring it. I’m still investigating the exact point it becomes missable.
  • Also around the same time, but not as missable per se, you can get the Artful Gambit relic in the same boss area as the point above. If you want to reduce the bosses you have to fight in NG+ for the What a technique! achievement, then it’s good to get this relic as early as possible (as soon as you can fly). I still think it’s less of a hassle to just do all 10 bosses in NG+ though.

Some parts are spoiler-tagged because they’re points related to the middle/end of the game.


Mooncradle Village

  • 25 Gold
  • Music Sheet #1
  • Celestial Willow Leaf

These next few rewards can be done after acquiring the Vespertine and establishing Mirth:

Mirth NPC: Master Fisherman

Found at the Mooncradle Tavern


Solstice Leafblower: Rainbow Conch

Help the guy blow some leaves into a pile of branches for a reward.

Wheels Player #5: Gold Wheel

Headmaster’s Office (requires key):

Ctrl+F “Moraine’s Office Key” to see the video under the Mirth section.

  • Moonstone Bracer


Zenith Academy Final Test

  • Both chests are party of the story and are therefore unmissable.
  • 2x Ornate Stone

The Forbidden Cavern

  • Adventurer’s Vest
  • Forbidden Cavern Key (required)
  • Shiny Pearl
  • Mushroom Soup (NOTE: These count towards the Treasure chest tally!!)
  • Combo Skill: Mending Light
  • Leeching Thorn
  • 60 Gold
  • Adventurer’s Vest

NOTE: Don’t forget to unlock the bridge from the Northern side before you head out of the cave. The mechanism to activate it works from that end.

After acquiring the Vespertine and establishing Mirth:

  • Rainbow Conch


Fishing Spot: Sunglow Lake

  • Man o’ War
  • Lunar Trout
  • 5x Dairy


Mountain Trail

  • Abacus
  • Basic Armor
  • 2x Shiny Pearl
  • Recipe: Chaudrée

After acquiring the Vespertine and establishing Mirth:

  • Rainbow Conch

Elder Mist Trials

  • There are 3 paths you can take. Each has a single treasure chest up for grabs.

From right-to-left:

  • Shiny Pearl
  • Recipe: Mushroom Scramble
  • Basic Armor

After acquiring the Vespertine and establishing Mirth:

  • Rainbow Conch

Xtol’s Landing / Sleeper Island

  • Solstice Mage Ring
  • 90 Gold
  • Rainbow Conch


  • Note to self: Backtrack to Blue Crystal
  • Power Belt
  • 4x Teal Amber Ore
  • Silver Sword
  • Rock Lid
  • Recipe: Mushroom Soup
  • Can be reached after obtaining the Mistral Bracelet.
  • Rainbow Conch
Combo Skill: Solar Rain

Keep talking to this NPC to get Mushroom Soup:

Fishing Spot: Windy Loch

Exit Southwest in Moorlands to reach this area.

  • Grass Haddock
  • Hardshell
  • Lunar Trout (repeat)

Stonemason Outpost

  • Ancient Molekin Cloak
  • Teal Amber Ore
  • Shiny Pearl
  • Can be reached after obtaining the Mistral Bracelet.
  • Rainbow Conch
Quest Reward: Rainbow Conch
Can be completed after the events in Wind Tunnel Mines.
Wheels Player #2: Bronze Wheel

Head back to the Painter’s house after the events in Brisk Tavern.

After acquiring the Vespertine and establishing Mirth:

Mirth NPC: Chi

Wind Tunnel Mines

  • 3x Egg
  • Green Leaf
  • Teal Amber Ore
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Mistral Bracelet
  • Mines Key
  • Teal Amber Ore
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Trader’s Signet

Backtracking: Mistral Bracelet

Now that you have the Mistral Bracelet, you can push certain blocks related to treasures/puzzles. Don’t forget to backtrack to Moorlands to get that Rainbow Conch.

Coral Cascades

  • Pirate Garb
  • Rainbow Conch
  • 50 Gold
  • 2x Obsidian Ore
  • Rainbow Conch
Combo Skill: Bash Drop

Food (Picnic Baskets):

  • Mooncradle Fish Pie
  • Chaudrée

Port Town of Brisk

  • Rainbow Conch
  • Pirate Garb
  • Shiny Pearl
  • 50 Gold
  • 30 Gold
  • Power Belt
  • Arcane Amulet

Hidden Merchant (Trader’s Signet Required)

  • Rainbow Conch
  • Rainbow Conch
Chump Change Minigame: Rainbow Conch

Get the 10g prize 5 times for a Rainbow Conch.

“Secret Place” NPC: Rainbow Conch
Fishing NPCs: Rainbow Conch

Bring 40 Fish Fillets to the NPC in the screenshot. You can farm Fillets near the exit of Coral Cascades (battles) or at the nearest Fishing Spot on this island. Don’t wait too long to complete this since the NPCs get displaced and I’m not sure if/where they resurface.

B.S. Roulette Minigame: Question Pack #2

You have to lose first before the NPC outside of the minigame building appears. Pay 90G to get the winning number and get the prize.

Wheels Player #1: Archer Figurine

You’ll get your starter set to play Wheels as you try to leave following the events in the Brisk Tavern. NOTE: Wheels Champion game rewards depend on number of Champion games won. I listed the number beside the wheels player to indicate the order in which I fought them so you can match the reward (if you want).

After acquiring the Vespertine and establishing Mirth:

Darro’s Muse: Rainbow Conch

Talk to Darro once they are are both in Brisk for your reward.

Food (Picnic Baskets):

  • 9x Grain
  • 6x Seafood
  • Mushroom Scramble

Fishing Spot: Lavish Lake

  • Hardshell (repeat)
  • Man o’ War (repeat)
  • Grass Haddock (repeat)

Abandoned Wizard’s Lab

All the treasure chest timestamps are also in the video description. The order of the last 3 rewards will depend on which room you clear first (not tied to a color: 3rd crystal slot → Mage-Knight’s Armor → Rainbow Conch). Treasure Checklist:

  1. Green Crystal
  2. Blue Crystal
  3. Rainbow Conch
  4. Red Crystal
  5. Mage-Knight’s Armor
  6. Rainbow Conch

00:00 Chest #1 – Green Crystal
00:20 Green Room
00:55 Chest #2 – Blue Crystal
00:12 Blue Room
03:03 2nd Crystal Slot Unlocks
03:29 Cyan Room (Green + Blue)
03:39 Chest #3 – Rainbow Conch
04:29 Chest #4 – Red Crystal
The next 3 rewards/chests will remain the same, just in a different order, depending on which rooms you clear first.
05:04 Yellow Room (Green + Red)
05:46 3rd Crystal Slot Unlocks
06:20 Yellow Room (Blue + Red)
07:07 Golden Watch
07:26 Chest #5 – Mage-Knight’s Armor
07:40 Red Room
08:49 Chest #6 Rainbow Conch

Wraith Island Docks

  • Rainbow Conch

Head up from Chest #1 into the cave. You’ll get ambushed after interacting with the chest inside, but it will reappears once you finish the battle.

  • Calcite Lid

Town of Lucent

Brother Painting A is mad at Brother Painting B. To appease Brother A after talking to B, bring a Berry Jam to Brother A. Either cook one at a campfire or buy one. The item shop on the Northwest corner of Lucent sells them. Once that’s done, the chest previously taken away by Brother Painting A will re-appear.

  • Rainbow Conch

Northeast corner of Lucent.

  • Rainbow Conch

After obtaining the Graplou from the Necromancer’s Lair:

  • Obsidian Ore
  • Turbo Cookie

Now that you have the Turbo Cookie, head to the Northwest corner of Lucent and give it to the wandering NPC (you’ll enter into a battle). Defeat it and you’ll get the location of the next item—the Shed Key.

  • Shed Key

With the Shed Key in your possession, head East past the bridge and use the Shed Key on the locked door. Answer yes to the Jar NPC in the underground area inside.

Quiz Master Introductory Quiz: Shiny Pearl

For future reference, completing this quiz will complete the Casual level of Question Pack #1.

Timestamps are included in the video description.
Answers: Wyrd, Mooncradle, Solstice Strike, FALSE, FALSE, 3 (MP)

Wheels Player #3: Silver Wheel

After acquiring the Vespertine and establishing Mirth:

Mirth NPC: Innkeeper

Fishing Spot: Haunted Creek

  • Spectral Eel
  • Ghosturgeon
  • Bone Pike

Cursed Woods

  • Rainbow Conch
  • Obsidian Ore
  • Bone Armor
  • Shimmering Shard

Flooded Graveyard

  • Shimmering Daggers
  • Obsidian Ore
  • Recipe: Hearty Stew
  • Rainbow Conch

After obtaining the Graplou from the Necromancer’s Lair:

  • Enchanted Scarf

Necromancer’s Lair

  • Romaya’s Hairpin
  • Spectral Cape
  • Obsidian Ore
  • Graplou
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Osseous Staff
  • Mooncradle Fish Pie (West of the Osseous Staff)
  • Revenant Armor

Backtracking: Graplou

Now that you have the Graplou, you can traverse through wooden poles/stumps (the ones with ropes) related to treasures/puzzles. Don’t forget to backtrack to the Flooded Graveyard and the Town of Lucent to get some treasure and unlock a quiz mini-game. See Quiz Master note in the relevant sections above.

Haunted Mansion

  • Obsidian Ingot
  • Recipe: Mooncradle Fish Pie
Hungry Ghost Sandwich Request: 100 Gold

The ghost shown below will ask for a a weird sandwich with some specificities. If you follow the exact recipe, you’ll get a Master Ghost Sandwich. Give it to the ghost and you’ll receive 100 Gold. Recipe:

  • Hepar – 2 Parts
  • Sugar – 3 Parts
  • Dust – 4 Parts
  • Rust – 1 Part
  • Dreadbread – 2 Slices
Bookcase: Question Pack #3
Combo Skill: X-Strike

Match the left and right arrangements with the arrangements in the middle. It will reveal a Combo scroll on the ground floor.

  • [LEFT] Bird, Ant, Skull, Horns || Horns, Skull, Ant, Bird [RIGHT]
  • Spectral Cape
  • Rainbow Conch

The following chest becomes available after defeating the Botanical Horror

  • Music Sheet #2

Port Town of Brisk – Revisited

I don’t believe the following rewards are tied to collectibles, but in case they’re a one-time reward (for the playthrough at least), I decided to list them anyway:

Saving Citizens: Food Rewards

Talk to this guy first just in case:

  • Basic Salad
  • Tomato Club
  • Mushroom Soup

NOTE: Talk to Yolande to revisit Wraith Island and get a few things done before moving on.

Wraith Island – Solstice Shrine

Image References:

Puzzle Simplification:

  1. Tokens A and B can be inserted into Slots 1/2/3 to reveal various platforms to help you collect the 3 chests in this Solstice Shrine.
  2. Raise the temporary platform (see image above) to get Token A.
  3. The switch resets the platforms. Reset them to insert Token A into Slot 1.
  4. With the token insert, raise the platform again to get Token B.
  5. Insert Token B into Slot 3 to get Chest #1 – Shimmering Staff.
  6. Move toward Slot 2 and jump on the nearby platform to permanently raise its counterpart.
  7. Reset the temporary platform, then take Token A from Slot 1.
  8. Insert Token A into Slot 2, then take Token B from Slot 3 and insert it into Slot 1.
  9. Now you can access the last 2 Treasure Chests (Shimmering Sword and Solstice Sash)
  • Shimmering Staff
  • Shimmering Sword
  • Solstice Sash

Quiz Master Cleanup #1

While we’re still in Wraith Island, let’s get those Question Packs we got earlier out of the way! Head back to the Quiz Master in Lucent via the water canal entrance.

By now you should have Question Packs #1-3. I believe you get Question Pack #1 automatically as part of meeting the Quiz Master. Casual and Expert modes share a pool of questions within the same Question Pack. The only difference is that Expert mode has more questions and terminates the round as soon as you answer any question incorrectly. Let’s finish up all the casual and Expert modes of the 3 Question Packs! If I missed any questions below, feel free to let me know and I’ll paste it into the relevant guide section.

Question Pool
Question Pack #1:
  • You are facing an enemy with two blunt locks and two sword locks. Which combo move can get you out of this situation? Answer: Solstice Strike
  • Without any equipment, how much MP does Zale’s Sunball cost? Answer: 8
  • To “use magic without using magic” is to do what, exactly? Answer: Use live mana to boost
  • To “use magic without using magic” is to do what, exactly? Answer: Use live mana to boost
  • When is Valere’s birthday? Answer: Winter Solstice
  • On Evermist Island is a secluded village where Children of the Solstice are delivered. What is the name of that Village? Answer: Mooncradle
  • What is the name of the spiritual being found at the top of Mountain Trail? Answer: Elder Mist
  • True or False: Boosting regenerates MP. Answer: FALSE
  • What is the name of Zenith Academy’s training golem? Answer: Wyrd
Question Pack #2:
  • What is the name of the enchanted currency that can control the undead? Answer: Coin of Undeath Accord
  • True or False: Those traveling by yeet ball land on Sleeper Island after being caught by X’tol. Answer: TRUE
  • What name did Malkomud give his pet salamander? Answer: Rockie
  • True or False: The Molekin from Stonemason’s Outpost are descended from a long line of elemental mages. Answer: TRUE
  • Yolande, Valtraid and Keenathan are part of a pirate crew led by whom? Answer: Captain Klee’shaë
  • Of these establishments, which one is NOT found on Sleeper Island? Answer: The First Stage of Grief
  • What is the name of the raft the pirate crew used to sail across the Shallowmire? Answer: The Oakum Skiff
  • Of these enemies, which one is NOT present in the Moorlands? Answer: Drillbat
  • In the Stonemasons Outpost, the Molekin are taking care of the wind tunnels so that they keep on fulfilling which function? Answer: Play music
Question Pack #3:
  • Without any equipment, which of these skills costs Seraï 9 MP? Answer: Phase Shiv
  • True of False: Duke Aventry was resurrected from his ashes by the necromancer Romaya. Answer: TRUE
  • When properly timing Garl’s Nourish, what is the apple replaced by? Answer: Half a sandwich
  • How is the tool allowing one to propel themselves to stakes and climbable surfaces called? Answer: Graplou
  • If one were to buy a Scrimshawed Sword, how much gold would they need? Answer: 80
  • When a Gulgul escapes battle, what does it do? Answer: Strike a pose in a puff of smoke
  • Wraith Island was named after a Dweller appeared in the Haunted Mansion. What is that Dweller’s name? Answer: Dweller of Woe
  • True or False: The First Stage of Grief was so named because the people of Lucent like to gather in mindful acceptance of their situation. Answer: FALSE
  • What is the name of the sorcerer-type enemies that can be found in the Necromancer’s Lair? Answer: Mermofwizqard
  • In the Cursed Woods, what is the name of the enemy that had to be destroyed to get rid of the vines? Answer: Boulbe

The Verspertine

During your first visit:

  • Chaudrée
  • Hearty Stew
  • Mooncradle Fish Pie
  • Mooncradle Fish Pie
  • Hearty Stew
  • Map
Wheels Player #4: Engineer Figurine

Available after the events in the Maelstrom Point and once you freely set sail and enter your ship.

Sea of Nightmares

No collectibles here. Everything inside, Maelstrom Point included, is related to story progression.

Fishing Spot: Settler’s Rest

  • Crimson Bass
  • Hardshell (repeat)
  • Seakjaw
  • Grass Haddock (repeat)



  • 00:10 Rainbow Conch
  • 00:19 Rainbow Conch (requires Fishing Hut to be built)
  • 00:40 Moraine’s Office Key (after Elder’s house has been built)
  • 01:02 Where to use the key (Mooncradle’s Zenith Academy)


Ancient Crypt

  • Rainbow Conch


┌ Sea Exploration #1: Vespertine

Since Morraine gave us something to access the Solstice Shrine close to home, let’s get that out of the way to obtain a powerful Combo Skill: Soonrang! Note a few other things you can do right now:

  • Darro’s Muse (CTRL+F)
  • Talk to the Lucent Innkeeper to recruit an Innkeeper for Mirth
  • Talk to the NPC that’s bathing on the East side of Stonemasons Outpost (the one that rewards you with a Rainbow Conch) to recruit Chi for your Hot Springs back in Mirth.
  • Get to the Rainbow Conch chest via grapple point in the Mountain Trail
  • Small wind puzzles in Mooncradle and a Block you can also push in the Forbidden Cavern.
  • Recruit Master Fisherman in Mooncradle Tavern.
  • Defeat a Wheels player in Mooncradle Tavern.
  • Complete the Solstice Shrine. This also unlocks a dock close to Mooncradle so the long trek from Brisk to Mooncradle is worth it.
  • Push another Block in the Elder Mist Trial
  • Open a Rainbow Conch chest in Stillpond Island.

Evermist Solstice Shrine

Combo Skill: Soonrang

Abridged Solution:

Stillpond Island

??? Fishing Spot
  • Rainbow Conch


Jungle Path

Note: backtrack to the light puzzle for the conch chest

  • Southwest of the save point – Sapphire Ore
  • Northwest of the save point – Question Pack #4
  • Docarri Armor
  • Peach Strudel
  • Sapphire Ore
New Story: Vampire Rose
  • Stone Tablet Piece

After obtaining the Solstice Amulet:

Timestamps also included in the video description:

  • 00:57 Lucent Crystal
  • 01:08 Rainbow Conch

Watcher’s Pond

  • Fluorescent Piranha
  • Crimson Bass (repeat)
  • Sun Carp
  • Viridian Lobster

Sacred Grove

  • Coral Dagger
Combo Skill: Moon Shiv
  • First, aim the light on the Northeast diamond.
  • Enter the cave that contained the previous chest.
  • Exit the cave and rush the pillar in the direction the light is facing.
  • Climb it before it gets elevated.
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Sapphire Ore

Docarri Village

Recipe: Bouillabaisse

Purchase from the Item Shop for 144 Gold.

  • Old Coral Vase
  • Rainbow Conch

House Southeast of Docarri Village

  • Rainbow Conch
Mirth NPC: Merchant

Talk to the NPC in the same room as the chest above.

Take the inner chamber whirlpool in the building near Mirna.

  • Sapphire Ore
Find the Grandkids: Rainbow Conch
Take the inner chamber whirlpool in the building near Mirna. Take the 2 inner chamber whirlpools in the back of the Item Shop.
Wheels Player #6: Priest Figurine


  • Sapphire Ore
  • Thalassic Cloak
  • Phosphorite Lid
With 1 valve inserted, activate it to open the path to the middle layer of that Rainbow Conch chest area. Enter the tube and activate the lever at the end of that connection. The gate opens but leave the Blue Pearl alone for now.Return to the valve room. Insert the 2nd valve and activate both so you can get to the top (highest) layer. Activate the nearby lever to open the ground exit West of this room.Grab the Blue Pearl to lower the water level and then exit West.Deactivate both valves and enter the tube to get thrown into the Rainbow Conch chest area.
  • Rainbow Conch

Glacial Peak

  • Music Sheet #5

After obtaining the Solstice Amulet:

Timestamps also included in the video description:

  • 00:28 Signet of Clarity
  • 00:39 Releasing the Light Crystal
  • 01:03 Sapphire Ore
  • 01:54 Melting the ice blocking the path to the Rainbow Conch
  • 02:04 Combo Skill: Item Roulette
  • 02:24 Rainbow Conch

Torment Peak

  • Phantom Daggers
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Green Leaf

Mossy Cache

  • Rainbow Conch

Autumun Hill

  • Oaken Armor
Combo Skill: Arcane Moons
Merchant: Music Sheet #4
  • Maple Cork
  • Maple Cork
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Recipe: Parfait

Fishing Spot: Lake Turquoise

  • Clockwork Crab
  • Fluorescent Piranha (repeat)
  • Swordfish
  • Ninja Starfish

Bamboo Creek

  • Bamboo Slicer
  • Rainbow Conch

Songshroom Marsh

  • Leaf cape
  • 6x Maple Syrup
  • Spirit of Ninja
  • 3x Obsidian Ore
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Question Pack #5
  • Shroomy Shivs
Combo Skill: Venom Bomb
Shortcut to the Dock

You can unlock a shortcut to the dock just before the next destination.

Clockwork Castle

Screenshot Version
  • Cog Prototype
  • Sturdy Cog
  • Garden Key
  • Evergreen Leaf
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Blue Leaf
Video Version
Timestamps also available in the video description.

00:09 Chest #1 – Cog Prototype
00:21 Chest #2 – Sturdy Cog
00:34 Chest #3 – Garden Key
00:50 Main Hall: West Room (Puzzle #1)
01:19 Garden Key Door
01:26 Puzzle #2
02:45 Workshop: West Room (Puzzle #3)
03:03 Elevator
03:09 2F Elevator: East Room (Levers)
03:40 2F Elevator: West Room (Graplou Block)
04:24 Chest #4 Evergreen Leaf
04:38 Ascending to 3F
04:51 Elevator 3F: West Room (Puzzle #3)
05:35 Chest #5 – Rainbow Conch
06:05 Elevator 3F: East Room
06:42 Chest #6 – Blue Leaf

Fishing Spot: Skybound Lagoon

  • Sky Urchin
  • Cloud Skate
  • Ninja Starfish (repeat)

Cloud Kingdom

Head to the inn.

  • Question Pack #6

Rest at the inn.

  • Rainbow Conch
Wheels Player #7: Diamond Wheel

In the Cloud Kingdom’s Tavern.

At the item shop.

  • Truesilver Daggers
Purchase from the item shop: Recipe: Peach Strudel & Music Sheet #6

Southwest of the NPC with winged feet.

  • Cloudy Shard

In the council chamber.

  • Rainbow Conch

Air Elemental Skyland

Screenshot Version
  • Rainbow Conch
Combo Skill: Conflagrate
Same room as the chest above.
  • Cypress Cork
  • Assassin’s Pin
  • Sky Armor
  • Azure Cape
Video Version
Timestamps also available in the video description.

Kiln Mountain
  • Igneous Staff
  • Rainbow Conch
  • Volcano Armor
  • Magic Pocket

Derelict Factory

I’m not sure if any of the wall panels count as treasure (like the baskets) so I will just add them all here to be extra safe.

Screenshot Version
  • Recipe: Sashimi
  • Wireplate Armor
  • Wall Panel Loot (Left): 3x Meat
  • Wall Panel Loot (Right): 2x Milk
  • Crane Operator ID Card
  • Rainbow Conch

Wall Panel Loot (From Left to Right)

  • 3x Gold
  • Sashimi
  • Blueprint Dis
  • 3x Egg

Wall Panel Loot (From Left to Right)

  • Kybersteel Daggers
  • Wireplate Sheet
  • Adamantite Ore
Video Version
Timestamps also available in the video description.

00:09 Chest #1 – Recipe: Sashimi
00:47 1st Teleporter
01:11 Chest #2 – Wireplate Armor
01:24 Campsite & Save Point
01:30 Laser Crane Room (01:40 2nd Teleporter)
01:48 North of Laser Crane Room
01:58 Wall Panel Loot: 3x Meat
02:15 Wall Panel Loot: 2x Milk
02:29 Crane Operator ID Card
02:45 Operating the Laser Crane
02:53 Chest #3 – Rainbow Conch
03:12 East of Laser Crane Room (04:01 Kyber Ore)
04:27 West of Laser Crane Room (04:37 3-way Fork)
04:40 Northeast Fork – Wall Panel Loot: 3x Gold, Sashimi, 04:51 Blueprint Disc, 3x Egg
04:56 North Fork – Wall Panel Loot: Wireplate Sheet, Kybersteel Daggers, Adamantite Ore
05:30 Northwest Fork – 05:48 Power Unit
06:27 Turning in the required materials to create the Kybermesh Battery
06:56 Powering the elevator

Fishing Spot: Cerulean Reservoir

Loot First:
  • Data Strip
  • Laser Burbot
  • Coil Flounder
  • Cybernardl Hermite
  • Silicum Sponge

Congrats! You should now have all the fish required for the Master Angler achievement!

Please note that the Coil Flounder’s silhouette in the water did not match its shape on the board/when it was caught. Let me know if the same happened to you.


  • Rainbow Conch
  • Data Strip
Not sure if the floor loot matters but I’ll add it just in case.
  • Pudding Chômeur
  • Floor Loot: Adamantite Ore
Not sure if the floor loot matters but I’ll add it just in case.
  • Floor Loot: 4x Tomato
At the equipment shop.
  • Rainbow Conch
Recipe: Yakitori Shrimp

At the item shop.

Repine Inn: Hungry Robot

Feed the robot 5 times depending on what it asks for.

  • Something SWEET – Parfait, Peach Strudel
  • Something WARMING – Mushroom Soup, Hearty Stew
  • Something MEATY – Roast Sandwich
  • Something LIGHT – Mushroom Scramble, Basic Salad
  • Something FROM THE WATER – Sashimi
Wheels Player #9: Platinum Wheel

I completed this and Mirth’s Wheels players last because the story will take you to Mirth and Clockwork Castle so you can pick up the item needed to challenge this player.

An NPC at the Repine Inn will talk about wanting to play a game. Once you’ve triggered the dialogue below, you can head back and buy a table from the Watchmaker. for 250 Gold. Bring the table back to the NPC in Repine and you’ll be able to issue a challenge.

Cypher Door

Cerulean Expanse

After you exit East once into the large expanse (we’ll call it A1), go S, SW, SE, S to reach the loot.

From top left to bottom right:

  • Obsidian Ingot
  • Question Pack #7
  • Adamantite Ore
  • Rainbow Conch

Exit North from the campsite and back to A1. Head East into A2.

  • Chest – Wireplate Armor (SW Corner – Dig with Probe)
  • Some Meat and Bones (Roughly Center – Dig with Probe)

Head Northeast into A3. There will be enemies if you dig Southeast of this area.
Head Southeast into A4.

  • Chest – 25 Gold (SE corner)
  • Potatoes (North)

Head North into A5. There will be enemies if you dig NW and SE of this area.

  • Chest – Croustade (Northeast closer to the center)
  • Onions (Roughly NNE from the chest)

Head Northwest into A6. There are enemies if you dig NE of this area (close to the center).
Head Southwest into A7. There will be enemies if you dig NW and the center of this area.

  • Meat (NE corner)
  • Grains (East South East)

Head South into A8.

  • Meat, Onions, Potatoes, Bones, and Grains (all in the center)

Head East into the exit—The Lost Ones Hamlet.

Lost Ones Hamlet

Recipe: Pain Doré & Gourmet Burger

Talk to the NPC on the left to shop.

  • Walnut Cork
  • Sapphire Ore (before the B’st cutscene inside on your left)
  • Sapphire Ore (behind the curtains after B’st joins your party)

Speedball Network Station

On the way to Sacrosant Spires, make a pit stop at this location (near the vortex):

  • Data Strip

Sacrosanct Spires

This area has 2 parts. The other part comes after traversing through the Hunting Grounds.

Part 1

  • Sapphire Ore

Part 2 – After traversing the Hunting Grounds

Step 1:Step 2:
  • Crystal Egg

Place the Crystal Egg on the pedestal NE of the previous chest then jump back in the other hole.

  • Sparkmesh Armor
  • Recipe: Champion’s Omelette

Hunting Grounds

Remember to backtrack to this area after you reach the Sky Base:

After saving Verlot.

  • Sapphire Ingot

Inside the structure and guarded by enemies:

  • Plasma Blade

If you want, you can backtrack to this chest as soon as you re-activate the Speedball Network. From the Sky Base Speedball, you can fast-travel back to Repine and sail back to the Sacrosanct Spires to trek all the way to where you first got trapped in the Hunting Grounds.

  • Cloudy Simulacrum

Seat of the Triumvirate

  • Rainbow Conch
  • Neobsidian Staff

Es’tristae’s Lookout

  • Broken Handle

Sky Base

1st Floor
  • Rainbow Conch
2nd Floor
  • Rosewood Cork
  • Sparkmesh Cape

After the block puzzle.

  • Music Sheet #7
  • Question Pack #8
3rd Floor
  • Plasma Daggers
Vending Machine – Recipe: Surf and Turf Tataki

┌ Sky Exploration: Cleaning up!

After some events and a boss battle beyond the Sky Base chapter, you’ll gain the ability to fly thanks to your awakened powers. This means we can now clean up some achievements! You’ll need to do this anyway for 100% completion as these upcoming loot and quest areas are necessary for the True Ending.

  • At this point, you should have 57/60 Rainbow Conches if you acquired everything that did not require the ability to fly to reach.

├ Artful Gambit Relic & Throne of The Queen That Was

Video Version

00:29 Joce’s Belt Buckle (potentially missable)
01:50 Finding the Throne of the Queen That Was
Cerulean Expanse Directions: NE, SE, NE, East
03:02 Chest #1 – Artful Gambit
03:08 Chest #2 – Rainbow Conch
03:38 Boss
14:40 Boss Loot – Star Shards

  • 03:02 Chest #1 – Artful Gambit

├ Flight-Accessed Solstice Shrines

Screenshot Version

Northeast Solstice Shrine:

  • Heliacal Earrings

Southwest Solstice Shrine:

  • Eclipse Armor

Southwest Solstice Shrine (Seraï’s World):

  • Celestial Ray

Obtained for defeating the Elder Mist a second time:

  • Moon Bo
  • Sun Blade
Video Version

00:02 Northeast Solstice Shrine
03:47 West Solstice Shrine
07:01 Solstice Shrine (Other World)
11:07 Elder Mist Rematch

├ Duke Aventry Quest (and Romaya’s Secret Passage)

Refer to the video below if you want a rough idea of where to go for these screenshot locations:

Screenshot Version
  • Romaya’s Journal (see video below for puzzle timestamp to open the locked gate)
  • 4x Maple Syrup
  • Rainbow Conch
  • 6x Peach
  • 2x Obsidian Ore

Coffin Loot

  • Eclipse Armor
  • Aventry Crest
Video Version

00:07 Rune color and symbol pattern
00:16 Rune puzzle (Romaya’s Secret Passage)
01:28 Chest #1 – Romaya’s Journal (give it to Duke Aventry for the Yellow Flame)
02:04 Half-Sunken Tower (give Yellow Flame to Ferryman)
02:40 Food Basket #1 – 4x Maple Syrup
02:47 Chest #2 – Rainbow Conch
04:12 Food Basket #2 – 6x Peach
04:30 Chest #3 – 2x Obsidian Ore
05:36 Romaya Boss Rematch (she’ll give you the key item Aventry Locket after you win)
16:07 Give the Aventry Locket to Duke Aventry and receive Duke Aventry’s Key
16:21 Free from serviduke” Achievement Popup
16:30 Use the key on Duke Aventry’s Coffin – Eclipse Armor and Aventry Crest (Teaks Story Relic)

├ Sealed Docarri Ruins

Video Version

00:07 Activating the Light Beacons
00:40 Sunken Docarri Ruins 1
03:21 Docarri Seal Fragment A
04:00 Chest #1 – Sapphire Ingot
04:04 Sunken Docarri Ruins 2
07:04 Docarri Seal Fragment B
07:10 Sunken Docarri Ruins 3
08:01 Ruins 3: Puzzle 1 Solution
08:29 Ruins 3: Puzzle 2 Solution
09:24 Ruins 3: Puzzle 3 Solution
11:20 Sealed Docarri Ruins
11:43 Sea Slug Boss Fight
23:36 Aetherwood Cork
23:54 Chest #2 – Rainbow Conch

  • 04:00 Chest #1 – Sapphire Ingot
  • 23:54 Chest #2 – Rainbow Conch

└ Dweller’s Fall Arena

All the rewards for this arena are obtained after the completion of each rank’s set of battles.

  • Bronze: Sapphire Ore
  • Silver: Sapphire Ingot
  • Gold: Reaper’s Mercy
  • Special: Vitric Simulacrum

Final Checkpoint

If you’ve done all of the collectibles above, you should have 176/187 Treasures (11 to go) according to the tracker on the Vespertine. The only islands with no exclamation mark (which indicates 100% of the area) should be Repine and Stillpond Island. Answering the Question Packs, which will be noted below, don’t factor into Island Completion. The final treasures can be found at:

  • 8 at the Fleshmancer’s Lair
  • 2 behind the Cypher Door in Repine
  • and the last 1 in Stillpond Island

Fleshmancer’s Lair

  • Data Strip
  • Salix Cork
  • Yakitori Shrimp
  • Apogee Daggers
  • Earthshine Staff
  • Firmament’s Edge
  • Legendary Feast
  • Question Pack #10
Recipes: Lasagna and Braisé

┌ Post-game Cleanup

The events in Stillpond Island and the Golden Pelican in Brisk are part of the True Ending.

When you activate the Chronophage and get Garl back. Talk to him multiple times during the campfire session until you get the Hook of Time and he points you to Stillpond Island. This will allow you to complete the events required for the True Ending.

├ Repine: Cypher Door

To open the Cypher door in Repine’s Equipment Shop, you’ll need the 4 Data Strips from:

  1. Cerulean Reservoir
  2. Repine
  3. Speedball Network Station
  4. Fleshmancer’s Lair

Once obtained create the Cypher key at Seraï’s place to unlock it:

  • Cosmic Cape
  • Question Pack #9

├ Stillpond Island

This should be your final treasure for the Measure Hunter achievement.

  • Fishing Dungeon Key

├ Golden Pelican

These are automatically rewarded during the events at the Golden Pelican:

  • Recipe: Legendary Feast
  • Question Pack #11

With these 2 items, we can now complete these achievements:

  • Gustative Completion
  • Living Encyclopedia

├ Quiz Master Cleanup #2

Question Packs #1-3 are under the Quiz Master Cleanup #1 section.

Question Pool
Question Pack #4
  • Of the following species, which one can NOT be fished on Sleeper Island? Answer: Ghosturgeon
  • When playing Wheels, how many heroes is each player allowed? Answer: 2
  • Without any equipment, how much MP does Valere’s Lunar Shield cost? Answer: 11
  • True or False: The previous caption of The Vespertine was named Stormcaller. Answer: True
  • True or False: Captain Klee’shae acquired The Vespertine by spending a coin of Undeath Accord. Answer: False
  • How many potatoes are required to make one portion of Hearty Stew? Answer: 3
  • What is the name of the spirit who inhabits the Crypt? Answer: Cryptwalker
  • When Garl gave the new town its name, which of these did he pick? Answer: Mirth
  • Hortence the Ghost Navigator is famous for her skill with which instrument? Answer: Octave Mandolin
  • What is the title of the Hydralion, the sea monster summoned by Stormcaller for his ultimate attack? Answer: Ruler of Tides
Question Pack #5
  • In Docarri Village, what is the little girl collecting in exchange for items? Answer: Rainbow Conches
  • In exchange for his help, Resh’an asked Zale and Valere to retrieve something for him. What was this “something”? Answer: The Vial of Time
  • What is the name of the big frog enemy with a throwing star on its back? Answer: Garnooy
  • Who built the giant statue that gave Watcher Island its name? Answer: The Fleshmancer
  • True or False: Without any equipment, Serai’s Venom Flurry and Valere’s Moonerang have the same MP cost. Answer: False
  • When undergoing the welcoming ritual to visit Docarri Village, where must one go to bathe their seashell? Sacred Grove
  • Which of these does appear in the Jungle Path? Answer: Prapra
  • Torment Peak was visited long ago by another generation of Solstice Warriors. What did they do as they left? Sealed it twice
  • True or False: The Oracle of Tides’ duty is to control the flow of water throughout the world. Answer: False
  • In the legendary feat of acrobatics, Serai was able to bring the light from the eclipse into the depths of Torment Peak. What caused the eclipse in the first place? Answer: The Solstice Amulet
Question Pack #6
  • True or False: Of the Three Sisters, Yomara is the evil one. Answer: False
  • What is the name of the relic that increases the party’s Max HP? Answer: Amulet of Storytelling
  • If presented with a lock sequence of Poison, Sword, Sword, and Arcane, which pair could remove them all by each performing a potentially boosted regular attack? Resh’an and Zale
  • Of the following skills, which is the one that can cause enemy displacement? Answer: Abeyance
  • When playing Wheels, how much energy is generated by matching five squares? Answer: 3
  • True or False: Glacial peak is on Mesa Island. Answer: True
  • What is the name of Resh’an’s healing potion? Answer: Petrichor
  • Of the following species, which one can not be found on Mesa Island? Answer: Fluorescent Piranha
  • Complete the following: “When the moon shines bright on autumn sheaves, comes forth the abomination of-“ Answer: Roots and leaves
Question Pack #7
  • Who taught Zale to use the combat skill Dash strike? Duke Aventry
  • True or False: The only two enemies present in the Air Elemental Skyland are the Sling Rabbit and the Braidzard. Answer: True
  • To gain 10% bonus damage versus undead targets, which of these trinkets should one equip? Answer: Shimmering Shard
  • What was the name of the lava monster guarding what is now known as Klin Mountain? Answer: Toadcano
  • How is Big Buggy’s special attack called? Answer: Tectonics
  • True or False: The Cloud Kingdom is ruled by a king and a queen. Answer: False
  • Of these ingredients, which one is NOT part of the recipe to make a Parfait? Answer: Peach
  • Excluding Puntie and The Council, how many Sky Giants are there in Cloud Kingdom? Answer: 5
  • What name did Garl give the Sky Serpent formerly known as The Sleeper? Answer: Wentworth
  • What is the name of the haute cuisine restaurant found in the Port Town of Brisk? Answer: The Golden Pelican
Question Pack #8
  • In our home world, which entity is in charge of granting access to the Sea of Stars? Answer: The Sky Giants Council
  • True or False: The monstrosity found in The Fleshmancer’s Workshop had more than four tentacles. Answer: False
  • Who invented the famous board game Wheels? Answer: The Watchmaker
  • How many units of fish are required to make one portion of Sashimi? Answer: 9
  • Of the following skills, which one costs the LEAST amount of MP? Answer: Disorient
  • True or False: Serai’s computer companion is named Cedrick. Answer: False
  • Which of these enemies does NOT appear in the Derelict Factory? Answer: Ronin Cowboy
  • What is the name of Serai and Resh’an’s combo attack? Answer: Arcane Barrage
  • What is Serai’s village called? Answer: Repine
  • Of the following species, which one can NOT be fished on Cerulean Island? Answer: Rock Shrimp
Question Pack #9
  • Of these three names, which one was NOT a member of the Triumvirate of Eminence Answer: Retrachter
  • What type of object was hidden in plain sight on Es’tristae, the giant statue at the center of the Sacrosanct Spires? Answer: A gravity-based battery
  • At a minimum, how many Combo Points must be spent to fill the ultimate bar? Answer: 10
  • During his introduction speech, which of the following did The Artificer NOT describe himself as? Answer: The smartest there’s ever been
  • True or False: The Dweller living at the bottom of the Infinite Abyss was called the Dweller of Dead. Answer: False
  • What is the name of the Dweller of Dread’s ultimate attack? Answer: Dreadstare
  • Why did Serai leave her home world? Answer: To find Solstice Warriors
  • True or False: Serai and her people were turned into cyborgs by a machine called The Catalyst. Answer: True
  • In Sky Base’s final rest area before The Catalyst’s room, which of these elements was NOT present? Answer: A window
  • Of these items, which one is NOT for sale in Sky Base’s vending machine? Answer: Wireplate Armor

└ Quiz Master Cleanup #3

Question Pack #10
  • What is the name of the Phase Reaper’s ultimate attack? Answer: Flourishing Death
  • During the vision of the Humble Boast in the Fleshmancer’s Lair, what was the name of the employee the innkeeper was looking for? Answer: Dubreux
  • What did Serai tell the Soul Curator had just occurred as he died? Answer: Comeuppance
  • True or False: There is a hidden oasis with treasure chests in the Cerulean Expanse. Answer: True
  • What is the meaning behind the enemy with “OAF” as a name? Answer: Oops All Feet
  • What was LeJugg’s transition when he went from his first to his second form? Answer: From blue to red
  • True or False: The Fleshmancer’s Lair is to the east of the Sacrosanct Spires. Answer: True
  • Of these combo moves, which one costs the least amount of Combo Points? Answer: X-Strike
  • How much HP is recovered from eating a Gourmet Burger? Answer: 175
  • What was the name given to Erlina along with her new form? Answer: Elysan’darëlle
Question Pack #11
  • Which of these areas appeared first in Zale and Valere’s adventure? Answer: Glacial Peak
  • Across all fishing lakes, how many unique species are there to be caught? Answer: 23
  • What number is obtained by putting together the base MP costs of Moonerang and Dash Strike, then subtracting the MP cost of Petrichor? Answer: 2
  • During the ancient battle between the Molekin mages and the Kunus’nuku zealots, what is the name used to refer to the moment when the Sky Serpent appeared? Answer: The Great Summoning
  • When playing Wheels, which of these units deals the most damage to the enemy’s bulwark (wall)? Answer: Level 2 Warrior
  • Which of the Fleshmancer’s Acolytes gave Duke Aventry the magic shard that would summon the Night Shroud? Answer: Two
  • After focusing Aephroul on a diversion, Resh’an placed an anchor in time linked to a magic device he would later place in the Moorlands. What is the device called? Answer: The Chronophage
  • What were the names of the three people in charge of the Cerulean Expedition that found the clues which led to The Queen That Was? Answer: Joce, Brochu and Elbi
  • In his pursuit to achieve the great alchemical feat known as Living Glass, what was the one ingredient Resh’an had always been missing in his subject? Answer: Unbreakable will
  • What was the name of the one in charge of the team that built Es’tristae? Answer: T’kor
  • When fighting the Gun Goddess, how many bullets would be fired by “Fan the hammer” if two had previously been destroyed? Answer: 4
  • Here in the Town of Lucent, which item had to be given to a ghost in order to obtain the key that unlocked the shed? Answer: Turbo Cookie

NOTE: Flimsy Hammers

You’ll get a Flimsy Hammer for completing all Casual and Expert levels of the 11 Question Packs above. The 2 other Flimsy Hammers are obtained by:

  • Finishing the True Ending (rewarded right before you save the cleared file)
  • Talking to the Master Fisherman after catching all 23 fish species.

Thanks to Jedo for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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