Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot The London Case: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in the game.



Number of achievements: 46
Number of missable achievements: 3 (A perilous journey, Perkins, A true performance)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, chapter select available
Free-Roam After Story: No
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

All achievements are fairly easy to obtain. The missable achievements (two in chapter 7, one in chapter 9) are quite easy to unlock if you’re thorough with your inspecting. However if you miss them you can use chapter select to reply a chapter.

Achievements are presented in chronological order although due to the nature of the game it’s possible to unlock them in a slightly different order depending on your decisions like which location visit first or which character talk to first.

Prologue – The Ship

Marc Allard
Uncover a secret about Marc

Talk to Marc and ask him about drinking alcohol at work.

Little ideas
Solve 5 match puzzles

Solve five “match” puzzles (select one or two items from the list to continue dialogue)

The Ship
Complete the Prologue

Complete the prologue.

Chapter 1 – The Gala

Seeking the truth
Ask 25 questions

Select 25 dialogue options

An old friend
Solve all of Zakariya’s artwork challenges

Solve Zakariya’s paintings riddle:

  1. Monsieur Kristiansen – Narcissus – Vain
  2. Mademoiselle Warbeck – Joan of Arc – Underdog
  3. Madame Betty Allen – The Wild Horse – Plays down her personality for British society
  4. Mademoiselle Farquhar – The Worker Bee – Hard Worker
  5. Monsieur Ailsworth – The Good Samaritan – Passionate about charity work
  6. Bishop Mountjoy – Judgement Day – Judges people harshly
  7. Mademoiselle Court-Smyth – The mechanical orrery – Centre of attention

The Gala
Complete Chapter 1

Complete Chapter 1

Chapter 2 – The Missing Magdalene

A curious gathering
Find all evidence in the museum

Find all 10 clues in the museum:

  1. Toppled vase
  2. Painting hook on wall
  3. Painting hook on floor
  4. Skylight (on the floor)
  5. Heating vent
  6. Broken glass found on the floor
  7. Opera glasses
  8. Skylight (use Opera glasses)
  9. Door to restoration room
  10. Door to the main hall

Little grey cells
Make 10 deductions

Make 10 successful connections in mind maps

Arthur Hastings
Uncover a secret about Hastings

Automatically after talking with all the suspects

Impossible is possible
Solve 3 mind maps

Complete three mind maps

The Missing Magdalene
Complete Chapter 2

Complete Chapter 2

Chapter 3 – The Investigation Begins

Everything matters
Perform 10 analyses

Analyses are inspections of items with points of interest

DI Hardwicke
Uncover a secret about David

Talk to DI Hardwicke in the Museum exhibit

An expert mediator
Diffuse some arguments

This should unlock after talking to Horace about Mortimer’s heart attack

Order and method
Use 10 items

Self explanatory, it will unlock naturally

Betty Allen
Uncover a secret about Betty

Give the ring found in the heat vent back to Betty.

The Investigation Begins
Complete Chapter 3

Complete Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – The Apartment

Irene Court-Smyth
Uncover a secret about Irene

Discover that Irene was selling forgeries by solving her mind map

Ms. Camilla B. Culsham
Uncover a secret about Camilla

Talk to Camilla to learn about Irene’s guests

An odd series of events
Unravel Culsham’s chain of events

Talk to Hastings about events described by Camilla

The Apartment
Complete Chapter 4

Complete Chapter 4

Chapter 5 – The Scheme

Nathaniel Dryden
Uncover a secret about Nathaniel

When talking to Nathaniel threaten to take the story about Betty elsewhere

A rude awakening
Annoy a politician

Talk to Mortimer about Irene’s death

Find a missing cat

Figure out that the cat is in the confessional and use a jug of cream to lure it out

The Scheme
Complete Chapter 5

Complete Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – The Suspects

Zakariya Demir
Uncover a secret about Zakariya

Talk to Zakariya about the weekend at the van den Bosh mansion (previous game)

Anastasia Babanin
Uncover a secret about Anastasia

Talk to Nathaniel about Florence’s visitors

Meet all characters in the game

After introducing yourself to Nathaniel (not during the first dialogue with him)

Truth from within
Crack 3 safes

Open three safes in the game.

A curious phrase
Solve the mystery of the note

Decrypt the Strange note from Jewellery box, use it on Notepad in Johan’s apartment, decode the phrase using Norwegian dictionary

Johan Kristiansen
Uncover a secret about Johan

After finding love letter from Irene to Johan in his safe

The Suspects
Complete Chapter 6

Complete Chapter 6

Chapter 7 – The Secrets

Evelyn Lakshmi Warbeck
Uncover a secret about Evelyn

Talk to Horace at the beginning of the chapter.

A perilous journey
Inspect all stations of the cross

Missable. There are 11 paintings and stand with missing painting depicting Stations of the Cross in the church. Inspect them all.

Horace Mountjoy
Uncover a secret about Horace

Find Horace’s stash with paintings.

Visit a lonely dog

Missable.¬†When you’re in Irene’s apartment leave to the hall, go downstairs and interact with the door to Ms Culsham’s apartment.

The Secrets
Complete Chapter 7

Complete Chapter 7.

Chapter 8 – The Investigation Starts Anew

Mortimer Ailsworth
Uncover a secret about Mortimer

Inspect drawer in Mortimer’s office once he’s gone.

A peculiar fellow
Unravel Mortimer’s movements

Solve the mind map to figure out what Mortimer was doing when you knocked the door.

Visit all locations in the game

Automatically after entering the dark room.

The Investigation Starts Anew
Complete Chapter 8

Complete Chapter 8.

Florence Farquhar
Uncover a secret about Florence

Talk to Hastings after resolving the light issue in the dark room.
Note. This unlocks after achievement for completing this chapter, but before starting the next one.

Chapter 9 – The Denouement

A true performance
Deliver your findings, flawlessly

Don’t make any mistake during the denouement.

  • Evelyn – Evidence tampering
  • Florence – Aided forgery creation
  • Horace – Theft and embezzlement – “I can assure you (…) Business Partners”
  • Mortimer – Insurance fraud – “And you wish to present yourself as a sick man?”
  • Johan – Theft
  • Talk to the rest of the guests
  • Inspect three paintings

The Penitent Magdalene
Deliver your findings

Automatic during the final speech.

A treasured heirloom
Work out what happened to the cigarette case

Automatic during conversation with Anastasia.

The Denouement
Complete Chapter 9

Complete Chapter 9.

Thanks to catnip for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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