Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos: All Sphere Locations

Here are all sphere locations for Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos game.


Tufton Fields (light green map)

#3 the way to here is from the Kezar Falls
#7 jump down from the high level south of it, the way up here is through the Overgrowth
#10 go through the water from Kezar Falls downstream on the river
#16 and #25 the way is from the mines

Crumwell Swamp (mud map)

#1 is outside the view, on an island a little bit SE (right and down) from #4
#24 is the cave exit, the cave entrace is a little bit SW from #14

Overgrowth (fire map)

If you stand next to the grappling statue across from #13, there should be a bush you can grapple to. It transforms into a Tendron.

Sekoset Mountain (snow map)

You can found more chests than spheres in this map.
The final sphere in the Overgrowth is hovering behind a tree in the northern part of the continent. I’ve circled it on this image:
If there is any wrong. please let me know.

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