Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos: Fishing Guide

Here is a full guide for fishing in Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos game.


How to get the fishing rod
To get the fishing rod, you need materials from the third boss dungeon (Overgrowth / Fire map),
so there’s no point in building the docks before you can make it to this dungeon

  • Build the Dock House
  • Speak with Willy
  • Complete the quest by delivering the materials

I think the hardest material to find is “Mask Fragment” that drop from a flying face mask (rare mob) in the third boss dungeon (Overgrowth / Fire map)

Tufton Fields (light green map)
the first area

Crumwell Swamp (dark green map)
The second area
the area is also part of Swamp (dev said it)

Overgrowth (fire map)
the third area

Sekoset Mountains (ice map)
the forth area

Pirate Outfit
Get the 3 legendary fish (Darter excluded)

Speak with Emily (the little girl inside the house from the Dock)

Jumping fish spots

you can actually fish on any clean water body on the map, but the jumping fish spots gives double the chance of fishing a rare fish (dev said it)
the jumping fish depletes after 2~4 fish, but can respawn

Fishing Mechanics
  • with the fishing rod tool, Press and hold RMB (right mouse button) to make the bait go further
  • in the “Reel” part, it’s easier to Press and hold RMB instead of fast clicking as it’s shown in the game
Check progress

you can check Fish names as well as caught number on the fish display
-either at the docks or at home
some of the fish description is complety misleading
-like Tecopa that’s actually caught on the ice map

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