Koi Farm: Breeding Guide

The main goal in the game is breeding the koi fishes thats in the book. To do this, first you need to get the wanted color, then the wanted pattern. Also you can share and get fishes from your friends by downloading the image of the fish then dragging it to the game.



Oyunun başında temel olarak elimizde 3 renk koi oluyor / You have three main colors at the beginning of the game.




We have to breed these three fishes and try to get new colors. It may not come at the first try but keep trying.

With breeding two yellow kois you will get an orange one.

With breeding two orange kois you will get a red one.

With breeding two red kois you will get a pink one.

With breeding two grey kois you will get a purple one. Grey koi fishes ONLY comes during rain with river.

With breeding two purple kois you will get a blue one.

With breeding two blue kois you will get a dark blue one.

With breeding purple and yellow kois you will get a fuschia one

You can use mixed colored ones to breed and get new colors too.


In the book we have 4 different pattern. To get a spotted koi, you need to breed two different colored koi. You never know what colors will come out so keep trying.

Their pattern are a little different but the game sees them same. They are the easiest pattern to get.

Three dotted kois are another pattern in the book. To get a three dotted koi you need to breed two different spotted koi. Sometimes you need to breed them multiple times to get a three dotted koi.

Striped kois are the hardest pattern to get. You need to breed one spotted koi and one three dotted koi to get a stripped koi.

The last pattern in the book is three colored koi. To get a three colored koi you need to breed three different color types in a row

Koi Book

We added every koi pattern that’s in the book.
1. First Page

2. Second Page

3. Third Page
4. Sayfa/Fourth Page
5. Sayfa/Fifth Page

6. Sixth Page

7. Seventh Page

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