Pincrediball: All Component and Their Score Values

Information about all the pinball machine components, and what scores you get from the ball interacting with them.



This guide aims to describe all available components, their respective point values when interacting with the ball, and other related notes.

Not all components give you points, and neither do the flippers and bumpers that are part of the machine itself.

Bumper, circle

25 Points

Bumper, pill

10 Points

The points are only given when the ball is bounced off the yellow side of the bumper.

Gate, one-way

100 Points

These only give you points if the ball goes through in the direction of the arrow.

There is no bonus for having the ball go trough all of the available one-way gates. If three gates are available in the machine, and the ball goes through all three, that is simply 300 points.

Wall, rounded

No points

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