Trade Post Forest: Official Guide

Official Guide from the developer of Trade Post Forest



Welcome to the official guide for Trade Post Forest.

I will begin filling this guide with information on the game throughout development so come back later for more information.


The Trade Post
The trade post will be your starting point in Trade Post Forest. There are plenty of secrets to be discovered here.

The Deep Forest
If you stray too far from the trade post you may find yourself in the deep forest. This area is an endless maze of trees, among other things.


The Flashlight
The flashlight is the first tool you’re going to want to grab, but you can choose to ignore it too. It can be difficult to navigate in the dark without it.


There are mugs laying around everywhere and YOU can collect them all.

Cards can be found hidden around the world.

NOTE: More will be added in the future so you can complete the full deck.

Billiard Balls
If you run into any billiard balls while you explore make sure to grab them. There might be a place where you can use them.

NOTE: More will be added in the future so you can complete the full set.

Statue Parts
Statue Parts can be found laying around near the trade post. Return them to the pedestal to put them back together.

NOTE: More statue parts will be added in the future

Thanks to Sam for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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