Ninja Legend Full Fire Codes (November 2023): New Launch!

Welcome to Ninja Legend: Full Fire, a mobile game that offers a deep dive into the ninja world, filled with impossible tasks, thrilling battles, and the pursuit of gold coins. In this game, you are more than a player; you are a part of a narrative that celebrates the essence of ninja culture. Get ready to organize powerful ninjas, learn formidable ninjutsu, and compete with players globally. Your strength and strategy are key to surviving in a world where only the strong prevail.

We have gathered exclusive, case-sensitive codes to aid you on your journey in Ninja Legend: Full Fire. Each code unlocks unique in-game rewards, enhancing your battle readiness.

All codes work in the latest version 1.1

Ninja Legend: Full Fire Gift Codes

Remember, these codes are precious and time-sensitive, so redeem them swiftly to gain an edge in your quests.

Working Gift Codes:

  • SVIP6666 (New!)
  • SVIP7777 (New!)
  • SVIP8888 (New!)
  • SVIP9999 (New!)

Expired Gift Codes:

  • No codes here

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How to Redeem Your Codes

Redeeming codes in Ninja Legend: Full Fire [Apple Store] is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

Step 1 (Avatar): Tap on your avatar within the game.

Step 2 (Set): Navigate to the ‘Set’ option.

Step 3 (Redeem Code): Find and select ‘Redeem Code’.

Step 4 (Enter Code): Enter your chosen code here.

Each step is vital to ensure you successfully claim your rewards and strengthen your ninja arsenal.


What benefits do the codes provide?

Codes typically offer in-game items, resources, or special features that enhance your gameplay experience.


How can I stay updated with new codes?

Keep an eye on official game updates and the fan page for the latest code releases.

Follow us on Twitter for Gift Codes Updates & Guides.

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